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Our Story

Zuttt is part of Chengdu Amber Wuli Trading Co., which is a subsidiary of ABD amber. ABD amber was founded in 2013 and we have built a well-established brand over the course of 9 years.ABD Amber is an international cutting-edge, high-end interior design firm. Our services cover hospitality, commercial, real estate, office, public space, residential customization, and more. In addition, we also sell furniture and decoration products. In the wake of the global epidemic, we started doing business online, so we set up zuttt for online services. ABD amber has accumulated its own factory resources and logistics resources and will use them for zuttt. we have a full design and manufacturing department and a dedicated customer service team that can solve each client’s problem. From design to production, website UI/UX, and customer service, we are working hard to ensure that every customer will have a great shopping experience and get the high-quality products they want.

Our Service

We sell home decor online primarily to U.S. consumers. We aim to provide you with comfortable, cost-effective, and suitable products. We have some factory resources and logistics resources, and we have a full design team. These can meet the development and production of our products as well as good logistics services. In addition, we have set up a dedicated customer service team to deal with each customer’s problem in a timely manner; we will listen to you carefully, give you positive feedback, and will adapt your opinions to our products. From design to production, website UI/UX, and customer service, we work hard to ensure that each customer has a great shopping experience and gets the quality products they want. We hope to combine our years of experience in decorative design to provide the most suitable, comfortable, and economical related products for your living space. We hope these products can bring you more beautiful life moments.
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