Those who are "delayed" by the name of the charming colors, go together to witness the world of color


Those who are "delayed" by the name of the charming colors, go together to witness the world of color

There are thousands of colors in the world, which make up the colorful world in our eyes. The color spectrum is so wide and vibrant that the same color can vary from one person to another, often due to our memory and, of course, our physiological basis.

It is impossible to describe all the colors we see in red, yellow, and blue broadly because each color has its hues, details, and characteristics, so when we try to name the colors we see, some colors with strange names are born, are you interested in learning more about them?

Drake's neck

There is a very common type of duck called Drake, they are found in several lakes and are known for their necks and heads. The color Drake's neck happens to be the hue that decorates the upper part of the animal, it is a gradation from blue to green, but this color is named for it.


This color comes from a very beautiful flower that grows intensively. So instead of the usual blue color, this beautiful flower is a somewhat bright, almost mauve, albeit soft, color that may have some other tones.


Pervenche is another color from nature, it is a French word that translates to "little periwinkle" and is a flower that lies somewhere in the blue and purple spectrum. However, it is a flat and powerful color, it is not soft or bright.


There is no doubt that this color may be associated with Mexican pink, as it is typical of a country. In the 16th century Sweden, most houses were of this color, a light red made from iron left over from the mines.


The blackest black does exist, and it is made of carbon nanotubes capable of absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light radiation. Unlike other colors, when passed in front of the eye from different directions, nothing but the same black color is visible. It is worth noting that the artist Anish Kapoor purchased the rights to this color so that no one but him can use it or can pay a commission for using it.


This is a metallic blue named after its creator: Jean-Marc Nattier, a French rococo artist who painted several portraits for the court of Louis XV. The blue he used in the past was not common and did not exist, so it comes from his paintings and works.


This is a chemical element that is part of the parameters. The stone or mineral only has a color that oscillates between blue and white and has a metallic tint. If the color changes, the composition also changes, so this tint is called it's own.


Metallic blue was known as chiclamino in Mexico in the 80s, it was used by car brands and it comes from one of the tornazsol shades in car oils. Likewise, it alludes to the color caused by the original lead of chewing gum or chewing gum, so it can be close to pink or magenta.

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