The serenity of the blue, the softness, and the rigidity, create a calm world in the city


The serenity of the blue, the softness, and the rigidity, create a calm world in the city

Tranquility is a kind of strength, hidden under the gentle toughness, in the face of all the waves do not yield, not impetuous, with softness and hardness. Inheriting the word "serenity", Serenity Blue is soothing and soft, and its cool-toned properties give it the ability to soothe anxiety and hold itself gently.

01 Flower Dew Gel

Grasscloth wallpaper with a plum blossom pattern on a white background covers the wall, which is elegant and simple in combination with sufficient natural light from the window. On the sand-colored linen woven rug, the original wooden dining table has an old finish with a grounding effect. The matching dining chairs are covered with dusk blue patterned fabric with beet-colored edging, a touch of playfulness in a gentle way. The chic faux coral-shaped lamp is full of vitality. The whole dining room gives a bright and pleasant feeling.

02 Water lily

The bright white wall is like the dawn of dawn, with the same color of bedding, as pure and flawless as water lilies. Adding lines of serene blue to the bedding creates an infinite elegance and beauty. The headboard and curtains have the same serene blue and matcha floral pattern, creating some prosperity in plainness. On the light turquoise sofa, embellish a lilac pink sofa towel, just like a pool of budding water lilies. The walls can be decorated with small wall paintings in tortoiseshell frames inlaid with honey-colored lines.

03 Holiday in the Aegean Sea

In this living room, despite the bold and colorful colors, but still maintain a high degree of harmony, serene blue grasscloth wallpaper with a puff of nature, and even the taste of the sea breeze, rococo red fabric decorated ottoman, single armchair, and pillows, injecting enthusiasm and vitality into the space, with the curved curvature of the armrests and chair legs, looks elegant and precious, and in the white linen curtains, gold carved mirror, the With the white linen curtains, gold carved mirror, floor lamp, and flower arrangement, a sense of romance and freshness comes out.

04 A gentle and quiet night

The whole environment of the picture gives people a relaxed and casual feeling. This is partly due to the spread of tranquil blue, mild and soothing tones, effective relief of visual fatigue; another level thanks to the rendering of a large area of beige tones, gentle healing beige to give people a soothing and stable temperament. The fabric is also a combination of cotton and linen, the texture of the texture between the articulation of the layers of change, but also creates a variety of mixed decorative meanings.

05 Waiting for spring

This is a children's playroom with silver and white walls that make it look like a concrete box. Outside the panoramic window is a luxurious pine forest, which puts you in the embrace of nature and is very inspiring. Serene and romantic blue and naturally life-giving green decorate this playroom, making it feel romantic and calm. "When can we play with the bear?" "When spring comes, it will wake up from its hibernation."

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