The modern living room color scheme, from conservative to bold, is the ultimate expression of personal style


Modern color schemes have already permeated the living room decor. Leaving aside the connection between Scandinavian and Scandinavian styles, the presence of eclecticism also adds to the decorative effect of modern styles. The new material and color trends allow the functionality of modern furniture to be brought into play, and the unique regional perspective forms a personal style that accurately expresses the owner's various preferences.

The allure of earth tones

This cozy apartment features a rock-grey backdrop for a warm and distant feel. The client is a middle-aged couple looking to spend quality time with their adult children under the same roof before becoming empty nesters. They want their new home to be comfortable and inviting, but also want it to be a permanent repository for the unique items they've collected on the go. The color palette is understated and timeless, and the furniture and accessories are full of contemporary art. Dear wallpaper ceilings give depth to spaces, and eclectic furniture combinations succeed in creating textured spaces that are both sophisticated and accessible.

Bold, dramatic color palette

Vivid and bold color combinations in this living room create a movie set-like opulent world. The deep blue makes the space feel small and compact, perfect for winter, the warm and gorgeous antique gold rug elevates the temperature of the whole space like a mythical light and the three-color paneled curtains, and two green sculptural artworks set off a Concubine Zhang's couch, the whole house feels both stylish and eclectic.

A modern core under a classic coat

The dark blue matte lacquer surface is embellished with classical outlines and delicate plaster carvings, like an ancient forest castle, mysterious and distant. Pale gold herringbone floors are warm and earthy, bringing the hospitality of a modern interior. Lazy sofa furniture and upholstery, super minimalist modern lighting, bring out a comfortable foothold and are the powerful breathing sound of this cluttered space. The ubiquitous brass look brings luxury to the space.

warm grey tones

"I wanted the entrance hall to give an inquisitive design," said the owner of the house.

On the left, a beam of light guides us to the beach at sunset, the flamboyant colors of the clouds bring out the ethereal rhythm of a painting atlas.

With the peaceful light blue, the calm navy blue and the bright pink tones, the circulation of the colors creates the vividness and trend of the living room.

minimalist color

This family home gets a modern and minimalist update. A fresh color palette, clean lines, and uncluttered look create a breezy and bright feel. White walls and bleached wood floors are a classic backdrop for modern minimalism, and a purplish corner sofa brings a subtle touch of color. Add pinstriped linen rugs, swing arm floor lamps, backboard accents and more to the details for a unique beach house feel.

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