Sink into the black charm, the indispensable color in the home, and harvest the unexpected beauty


Sink into the black charm, the indispensable color in the home, and harvest the unexpected beauty

Many colors tend to be close to black, and beluga gray is one. However, it is a little lighter and softer than black, and the gray tone is more of a steel temperament, suitable for creating a masculine and elegant home space. When you want to use a shady beluga gray as a backdrop in your space, it's best to make sure the space has plenty of windows, which will make everything easier to navigate.

  1. Retro mood

If you want to create a high-end room that is as elegant and restrained as a gentleman's style, you can choose the color combination of beluga gray and dark gray-blue. In this case, the walls of the bedroom are decorated with beluga gray, the bright white lines outline the space, and the elegant four-poster bed brings classical memories. The dark gray-blue curtains and bedding are full of cool and rich tones, creating a robust and elegant sense of vision between the light and dark changes of color. The silver carpet is matched with exquisite and gorgeous artistic wall paintings with honey-colored borders, and the whole space is full of artistic charm.

  1. Personalized wallpaper

The beauty of artistic light luxury is completely released in this set of cases. Wallpaper, coffee table, lighting, side table, screen, etc., each piece of decoration presents the peak of modern artistic beauty. The beluga gray siding combined with the wallpaper decorated with a black background of matcha-colored branch and vine prints strengthens the presence of the wall background and also deepens the sense of depth in the room, and the eye-catching green tones drive up the vitality and vigor, and the effect is even brighter with the home decorations of blue, purple, yellow and other pleasant colors.

  1. Black backdrop

Layers of deepened gray tones paired with shimmering metallics conjure up a glamorous industrial vibe in this ultra-minimalist, modern space. Although the setting and skeleton are cold and crisp, however, wallpaper with gold lines and heavy fur blankets and crystal lights draped from the roof bring warmth to the room, making it still livable in the fall and winter.

  1. Black and Pink Collision

Deep and rich beluga gray space, majestic, cold, with a unique quiet temperament and calm flavor, while the hot beet color with its pleasing color makes people feel the pulsating fashion, full of seductive magic, the combination of the two, as if the combination of a gentleman and a charming girl, with a full visual impact.


  1. Elegant charm

Exuding a laid-back beach feel, this bedroom is sophisticated and elegant with different shades of gray to achieve a layering effect. The fireplace wall is styled with thin wood paneling to inspire a weekend getaway feel. Cotton candy-colored embroidered curtains dispel the gray feel of the beluga gray walls. The simple four-poster bed is upholstered in steel gray fabric for a soft, intimate feel, and an ink-style pond painting behind the headboard brings a classical poetic ambiance and is set against the elegant layered bedding.

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