Reconstructing a Zen home, a place of tranquility to release the mind and open a chapter of urban nature


Reconstructing a Zen home, a place of tranquility to release the mind and open a chapter of urban nature

Urban homes pursue comfort and fashion, while moderate restraint can communicate a simple Zen home mood. Modern Zen is the full use of space, through materials, light, and other elements to make the space more rhythmic. Modern Zen is also the human ecology, moderate restraint, so that you experience, the beauty of moderation.

  1. Soyuan Jinshui

In the design of the home, we strive for simplicity and simplification, using decorative materials and light to create a home effect full of strong Zen-like ancient charm. The Zen space is decorated with authentic natural materials, such as logs, rattan, bamboo, and other warm materials, creating a sense of simple space. Here, the almond-colored ceiling and curtains are designed to match the maroon back wall, while the wall is decorated with phantom black wall art, with a strong sense of spatial hierarchy. At the same time, the light is fully utilized to bring a soft and warm visual feeling under the backdrop of the glacier gray sofa and Cuban sand bedding.

  1. Incorporating the beauty of nature

The redeeming feature of this scheme is, first of all, its use of simple black and white gray and grass green, full of the tranquility, simplicity, and nature of Jiangnan water village. In addition, glass is used extensively in the design of the space, making the indoor and outdoor spaces look more like a whole, with people existing in nature and returning to nature.

  1. Zen Ocean Style

Gray-green is used as fabric decoration, which can be paired with a cotton candy-colored background in neutral tones. The space is heavily decorated with gray-toned fabric, which is calm, soft, and serene, bringing a Zen feeling of meaningfulness and longevity.


  1. Ink Life

The space furnishings reflect a simple, profound attitude to life, emphasizing the simplicity of the living space in the refinement of the point surface, more details in the fabric materials and colors, and a comfortable sense of space contained in the light Zen of ink mood, quiet but not losing elegance.

  1. Tranquil haven

The bright white background with wheat-colored log material becomes the overall tone of the space. The combination of white with oak, natural stone, and wicker gives life to spaces where one can permanently feel a connection to the outside world. With this house, the designer wanted to capture the complex combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design to find the perfect visual balance.

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