New Chinese style, continue to write the elegant rhythm of the years, enjoy the oriental aesthetics


New Chinese style, continue to write the elegant rhythm of the years, enjoy the oriental aesthetics

The light is easy to pass, the classics will always exist. New Chinese style, combining the essence of traditional culture and modern home charm, inherited 5,000 years of traditional Chinese culture in the modern home in a new way.

01 / Old dream

This living room adopts a traditional symmetrical layout, reflecting a middle-of-the-road idea. Elegant silver birch color with mild lily white, a kind of plain warmth in plainness. The matcha-colored suede sofa with the bird's egg green background of brushwork flower and bird decorative painting is fresh and elegant. A pair of neoclassical armchairs in light gray and blue wrapped cloth placed next to the fireplace reflects the design ingenuity of blending East and West. The decoration of bold leopard print cushions collides with the overall plain and clean style, inspiring new vitality and bringing interest. Antique furniture, blue and white porcelain, flower windows, gourd vase lamps, pavilion-style chandeliers, and other Chinese elements are integrated into all corners harmoniously and exquisitely.

02 / Distant Mountain with Diamonds

This is a modern dining room with a classical touch. The bright white walls with iced coffee-colored brushwork wallpaper of birds and flowers are bright and elegant. The dark denim blue curtains have a great sense of calmness and elegance, complemented by the metallic decorations, which are restrained and luxurious. On the silvery white carpet is the dark wood dining table and chairs, and the plain gray velvet-covered dining chairs and carpet are elegant and low-key.

03 / Antique color

This is a comfortable and elegant bedroom space where art and decor from around the world play an important role. The space is filled with the colors and textures of natural materials such as stone, textiles, wood, and leather. The antique, Chinese-inspired headboard is particularly striking, as it blends perfectly with the modern design and adds a touch of antique charm to the bedroom. The gingerbread fabric curtains are warm and inviting, and the ochre yellow bed pillows add warmth to the bedroom.

04 / The beauty of writing

In this bedroom, the combination of yellow and gray looks very regal. The steel gray grasscloth wallpaper with bronze curtains creates a dark and quiet background atmosphere, the bright white ceiling and bedding are a simple way to break the gray, and the pink and yellow Chinese screen brings warm poetry.

05 / Flowing Light

When the water is full, it overflows, and when the moon is full, it loses. We all understand the reasoning, but designers who love rich colors still can't hold back the thumping of excited hearts! The good thing is that the designer is wise to take the Chinese mood. In a bright color, the Chinese flavor is not less than half. Whether it's the cleverness of graphic cutting, the dialogue between the round and square, or the contrasting colors of each other, and the different styles of furnishings pavement, in the same scene, these elements have their own "small mind", together with the people's eyes pinched to death!

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