Modern Rococo, exquisite elegance, creating the most traversed luxury home


Modern Rococo, exquisite elegance, creating the most traversed luxury home

Like a melody, like a rhythmic note, the delicate and soft beauty of the Rococo style is inherited to this day. The combination of modern style and Rococo elements is not just a mix of styles, but a link between the philosophy of modern life in the East and the historical sentiment of French romanticism. We can not replicate the ultimate luxury palace, but the charm of Rococo, in the modern home, is still heart-thumping.

  1. Enchanted Rococo

Today's Rococo style can be poetic and romantic, even if in the past it represented a picture of indulgence and extravagance. The sinuous plaster lines and the rich and delicate furniture shapes are indispensable decorations in the Rococo design! The gracefulness is not only reflected in the display of soft furnishings and fabrics, but also in the use of color matching and gorgeous new life. Honey-colored decoration brings a bit of seduction, adding a flirtatious and moving. The harbor blue sofa continues the low-profile and calm of the navy blue wall, with the sand-colored carpet, the magnificent and leisurely momentum will slowly precipitate.

  1. Line art

The best way to recreate the beauty of Rococo art in the modern home. The beauty of Rococo is fully reflected through the soft and artistic lines on the ceiling and walls. In this case, the space is furnished with modern, vertical lines as much as possible. And the soft rococo lines are mainly reflected in the hard furnishings. The contrast between the two brings about the collision and fusion of modern and classical beauty.

  1. Classical charm

This is a space full of rococo temperament, fabric and wallpaper can choose plants and flowers, romantic in the end. The evening sunset-colored background with crystal rose-colored floral wallpaper and fabric exudes elegant femininity. Full pavement glacier gray carpet, warm tone, and elegant temperament of high-grade gray bring the ultimate romance. Cream-colored classical single chair with baby blue bedside wrap exudes classical and soft temperament.

  1. Interwoven charm

The classical charm of Rococo combined with modern decorative techniques can give rise to a more heart-stopping feeling. The sinuous and silky plaster lines inherit the delicate and softness of Rococo from ancient times to the present, the simple and exquisite modern furniture of the premium gray series show the fashionable and trendy modern style one by one, the noble violet cushion bag with the rich phantom black renders the mysterious atmosphere, and the dazzling gold decoration brings luxury to the space. The dazzling gold decoration brings luxury to the space. The whole space is filled with seductive charm.

  1. Classic Furniture

American designer Sasha Bikoff is deeply influenced by the French Rococo style, and it is a common design form to incorporate elements of Rococo furniture and decoration into modern decorative spaces in her designs. For example, this case is a typical example. The furniture of the whole bedroom is matched with little but fine, and the Rococo style bed-end sofa and the cabinet with hand-painted floral patterns show the classical charm, and the obvious contrast with the very modern bedside table, mirrored closet, and other furniture makes the whole space surge with a romantic charm.

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