Luminous emerald, comparable to manna and fine rain, clear color to create a home of art


Luminous emerald, comparable to manna and fine rain, clear color to create a home of art

Emerald, known as the king of gemstones, is not destined to be vulgar and cheap. From the Egyptian Pharaoh's Nemeth headdress to the royal decoration of the noble court, emeralds have been integrated into the lifestyle of the upper class in Western society. The emerald has a great weight. It is not only in the stone itself but also in the amber-like brilliance of the deep concentration that refines its incomparable color.

  1. Classical luxury

The emerald and the gold pair, one bright and luminous, the other sparkling. When emerald is presented in the home with the original stone texture pattern, it creates a natural atmosphere with a unique flavor. Reminiscent of Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile in the movie Cleopatra.

  1. Fairy tales

The right wallpaper can make or break a space, or redefine it. In this study, the emerald green peacock wallpaper creates a gentle and beautiful dreamscape where natural light is inconsequential to this allure. The deliberate shadow effect may be to ward off the pounding summer, or perhaps it stems from the owner's obsession and fascination. The custom-made black matte one-piece shelves and desk keep the space orderly, and the furniture is chosen in understated browns and greys, giving way to a beautiful backdrop with all the sharpness, while matching the space's dark atmosphere.

  1. Elegant flowers and birds

In a traditional style tone, the French Chinoiserie emerald wallpaper conveys a crisp and pleasing beauty. Different wall coverings were chosen for this living room, from green to orange, for any season. The pale gold ceiling reflects natural light and brightens the space, and the fireplace is exotic with Roman columns and Greek carvings and is covered with a screen that mirrors the two huge floor lamps. The combination of patterns is understated and elegant, from the upholstery on the furniture to the carpet, showing an introspective and self-effacing beauty.

  1. Modern Art

Color can not only change a life but also save it. As the pretentious depths of youth fade and the heart tends more and more toward the simple and bright, bright colors come to the fore, along with a colorful world. In this apartment in Moscow, emeralds demonstrate the power to warm and energize a space. Watercolor collage wallpaper covers the walls with the spontaneity of cartoons, but also with an artistic flair due to its color variations and careful arrangement. Color is a flowing melody here, and unlike the impressionistic painting style of the walls, the furniture is a clean and neat block of color that harmonizes with each other to call for a modern space full of surrealism.

  1. Idyllic charm

Emerald is the color of life, the color of nature, and her hue is so pleasing to the eye and has a comforting healing power. It is paired with silver birch, which is understated and calm with bright elegance. The addition of rich Mykonos blue and red, the three primary colors match just right, and with the bright white tempering, the space is elegant without losing the charming and moving style.

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