How to choose a serving tray


What is a serving tray?

A serving tray is a versatile item for the home that can offer both functional and stylish features to your everyday life. Even though a serving tray is traditionally used for serving up food and drinks, it can be a great way to keep a messy and disorganized space tidy, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Finding a serving tray is more than just adding items to your shopping cart. Whether you're serving your family or entertaining guests, you'll want to make sure you choose the tray that meets your needs. There are many types of trays available today, so you'll need some advice to help you make your choice. So, how exactly should we choose a serving tray? Before we buy a tray, how many facts do we need to be clear about?

Why do you need a serving tray?

Do you need a hand-made or machine-made service tray?

What material do you need?

What size service tray do you need?

Do you have a particular preference for color?

Do you have special requirements for the shape?

Do you need a serving tray with a handle?

Do you need any additional features?

Why do you need a serving tray?

The first thing you need to ask yourself before buying a suitable service tray is, "Why do I need a service tray?". Do you intend to use the tray every day or only on special occasions? This decor wood tray can be used as a breakfast tray or fruit tray and used in homes, restaurants, or parties.

As well as helping you to eat, the serving tray is perfect for serving drinks. This Rectangle Wooden Tray with Handles can be used as a coffee tray. It also has a decorative effect when placed on a worktop, bedside table, side table, or coffee table in the living room.

Do you need a handmade or machine-made serving tray?

Once you have determined what you want to buy, you need to be clear about what kind of serving tray you need? Is it handmade or machine-made? Handmade trays are more difficult to make, more detailed, and more unique than machine-made trays, but you can be sure that you are using durable, environmentally friendly materials to create the perfect tray. Plus you may have to spend more money and time to get it.

What material do you need for your service trays?

Wooden serving trays - Commonly available wooden trays are walnut, cherry, and bamboo.

Ceramic serving trays - durable, heat resistant, easy to clean, and decorative

Metal Serving Tray-Durable, easy to clean, inexpensive.

Marble serving trays - long-lasting, clean and hygienic, affordable

Plastic service trays - durable, lightweight, versatile, sustainable.

Leather service trays - durable, lightweight, and easy to carry

What size service tray do you need?

For size selection, it is more of a matter of experience. The approximate length of the tray is the distance between your elbow joints when your arms are resting comfortably on the table.

As a rule, there are many sizes to choose from. For round trays, a diameter of approximately 12 to 15 inches is appropriate. For rectangular trays, the standard internal dimensions are approximately 19 x 13 inches. A great feature of service trays is that they are easy to move around, so they can cause you problems when the size exceeds the standard. Remember: service trays that are too large are difficult to move and store.

Do you have a particular preference for color?

The choice of color depends largely on personal preference and of course on the environment in which you put them so that these serving trays do not look too out of place. Although the colors and other details are for decorative purposes only, some may detract from the function of the serving tray.

Do you have particular requirements for shape?

For shape selection, it depends largely on your use - where you intend to use it, and your preferences will also influence the choice.

The most common shapes you will find nowadays are rectangular trays and round trays, which perhaps means that round and rectangular are considered to be the best shapes for decorative trays. The least common but very attractive is the triangular tray. These do waste a lot of space. But visually, they have a vibrancy that suits every modern environment. Choose the triangular model only if you already have another and only need it for special moments. If it's about functionality, it's best to have another option to hand.

Do you need a serving tray with a handle?

The handle is also a very important structure for the service tray. The purpose of the handle is to make it easier to move around.

Do you need any additional features?

Do you need your serving tray to have a textured surface? This ensures that the plates, utensils, and food placed on the table are more secure.

Do you need your serving trays to have suitable raised edges? These help to confine the contents of the tray and prevent them from slipping or falling off the sides.

Do you need serving trays with foldable legs? This is designed primarily to meet the

You can also refer to How to choose a decorative tray to select a suitable tray.

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