How to choose a decorative tray


Do you like decorative trays? Do you need a decorative tray? Do you know how to choose a suitable decorative tray? I think I can help you to find the answers to these questions.

Trays have always been a part of our lives and you can find these friends in many places. In the very beginning, trays were simply used as a means of carrying things, we used them to move crockery or other items from one place to another. So, in the strictest sense, they were functional tools.

One day, some ideas suddenly enter the minds of some people (perhaps like Newton's apple in general). They throw away the ideas of the past and think about other uses for them. And so a new idea was born - the decorative tray. And so the decorative tray was born, and all trays burst into new life. Not only can they be used for transporting goods, but they can also be used as decorative objects to add a new dimension to our living environment.

Today, we are surrounded by a wide range of decorative trays that shine in their own right. So, how do we choose a decorative tray? When we buy a tray, how many questions do we ask ourselves?

How will I use these decorative trays?

Where do I want to use these trays?

What shape, size, and color do I need for these trays?

How will I use these trays?

Do you need a suitable tray to take the food from the kitchen to the table at Christmas or other festive occasions? At this time of year, you need a tray with easy-to-grip handles and enough flat space to hold your plates and food. In addition, a shape and color that is in keeping with the festive atmosphere may also be in your mind.

You're looking for a TV tray and this time, a foldable, low height, sofa tray might be in your mind.

In the bedroom or washbasin, do you think you need a tray for jewelry and cosmetics? At this point, you may be thinking first and foremost of a moisture-proof and aesthetically pleasing tray - a mirror tray might be a good choice.

When choosing decorative trays, you first need to think about what your purpose is.

Where do I want to use these trays?

On the kitchen counter - they can be used to organize cutlery, condiments, etc.

On the dining table - they are the ideal base for the heart of your dining room

In the bedroom or family room - they are used to display your decorative items and books

Next to your bed or on a small table - they are used to hold your lamps and books for night reading

On your coffee table - they serve as a base for coffee table vignettes

In the yard - they serve as a tray for grilled food or as a coffee tray

What shape, size, and color do I need for these decorative trays?

The choice of color is down to personal preference, but of course, it also has to fit the environment you are putting them in and not make them look too out of place. I would recommend a solid color scheme such as pink, black, white, etc. This way we can design our decorative trays at any given time.

For size selection, it is more of a matter of experience. Roughly the length of the tray is at the distance between your two elbow joints when your arms are comfortably resting on the table.

For the choice of shape, it depends mainly on your use - where you intend to use it, and your preference will also influence the choice.

Nowadays you will find rectangular trays and round trays most often, which perhaps means that round and rectangular are considered the best shapes for decorative trays.

Some tips for decorative tray selection.

If you have a large table, consider using multiple trays or one long tray.

If your table is small, place it vertically and use a tiered tray.

If you can't decide between sizes, then go for a large tray.

If you don't know what to choose, then buy what you like.

The most popular decorative tray choice - wooden trays

Wooden trays are one of the most popular types of decorative trays. Wooden trays are versatile and suitable for any palette.

Some wooden trays are painted and some are natural wood. Choosing them all is a good choice.

Wooden trays can be used in a wide range of spaces, you can use them in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and yard.

I look forward to hearing from you. Drop me a note or send a photo of your decorated tray.

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