High-grade gray + brown, write time into poetry, record the love and miss


High-grade gray + brown, write time into poetry, record the love and miss

Strolling through the streets of the old city, the dappled wall bricks under the cement record the changes of the years. Raise the camera, press the shutter, and record the moment permanently with the lens. The dim room, brown film, gives birth to the art of black and white. High-grade gray and brown, entwined and loving, condensed a poem about nostalgia.

The wind of the wilderness across the millennium

This is a small apartment of 50m2, the owner is a young man who loves freedom, he wants to have as much open space as possible and keep each functional partition. The designer designed the apartment according to his requirements and combined it with his favorite loft style.

In order to maximize the openness of the space, the designer did not use any partitions, and the partitioning of the space relied on the difference between the color of the walls and the color of the cabinets. A full wall of floor-to-ceiling windows provides the apartment with plenty of natural lighting and makes the space look airier. Warm browns and light woods mixed with grays with blues create a warm, relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. Inside the apartment, modern décor coexists with antique furniture, reflecting a connection to the era.

Modern charm

Soft silver-white walls, gauzy translucent curtains, and ample light make the room appear light and airy. The living room layout is centered on visual balance, with chocolate brown velvet sofas placed symmetrically on either side. Under the traditional architectural pattern, modern furniture and various fashionable decorations such as luxurious leather, chrome, velvet elements, and artworks make the room bold and edgy, full of sexy seduction. Fresh plants add freshness and dynamism to the space.

Warmth and sophistication

"Here you can get through, relax in peace, and live comfortably in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis," Alexander Krivitsky says about his project. The main concept of the project is "earthy", warm and comfortable, combined with cosmic ergonomics and well-designed functionality. Reflecting the current functionalism with elements of glamour and retro-futurism, the main elements of this interior are functional layout and interesting shells - the lines of walls and ceilings, reflective design, and a combination of noble materials. Decorated with wood, marble, suede, glass, textiles, and metal.


This is a minimalist living room filled with neutral colors. The greenish glacier gray walls, the warm smoky gray sofa, the moonlight fabric armchair, and the layered high gray carpet are warm and harmonious. In this space, you can feel the life being nurtured and the power lying dormant. The room is less colorful and has few interiors, but is rich in texture and has a restrained beauty of asceticism.

Fascinating details


Color card: Silver + Partridge + Bright White + Cuban Sand + Phantom Black

The perfect combination of lines and colors can make the space more seductive. For example, in this case, the matching of high-class gray background with brown curtains and sofa, and other fabric decorations has already created an elegant and low-luxury space. The designer also incorporates flexibility and versatility through the variable use of lines, such as the outline of plaster lines, the use of clashing colors of curtains, and the changing portrayal of carpets, adding endless interest to the space through the processing of details.


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