High-grade gray + brown, low-key and calm gentleman's choice, capture the traces of time


High-grade gray + brown, low-key and calm gentleman's choice, capture the traces of time

By the river bank, the gravel on the ground has gradually become rounded through the polishing of time. Just like men who have been baptized by the years and grown into mature gentlemen, they have collected their sharpness and become introverted and gentle. The combination of high-grade gray and brown often gives people the impression of being low-key and calm, just like a gentleman.

  1. dream boy

This is a small studio apartment with an open design that allows for a natural and smooth transition from one area to another. The sky-gray walls are understated with a natural freshness. The sleeping area is located behind a dark glass partition that provides the necessary privacy. The textiles chosen for the bed echo the color of the walls, allowing them to dissolve naturally into the common space. The Phantom Black trim and details are full of power and add a lot of modernity, and with the minimalist furniture, the apartment looks more stylish. The transition between the kitchen and the entrance hall is natural, and the clever use of brown links the two spaces together. The deep brown contrasts with the light sky gray, like a blend of heaven and earth.

  1. The secret of happiness

The walls of this apartment were chosen in cotton candy color and the bookcases were painted in the same color to serve as a kind of hidden effect. The rocky gray edging connects the walls to the ceiling, enriching the space. The patchwork brown geometric rug is topped with a shark gray fabric sofa set and paired with a single taupe leather chair to form a conversation area. Moonlight-colored cushions echo the carpet perfectly and add comfort. The dark wood flooring clarifies the center of gravity in the light-colored room, bringing a sense of peace and stability. Fresh green plants bring vitality and vigor.

  1. Elegant and soft

This dining room is dominated by warm light brown, with gingerbread siding and trim, a taupe woven rug, and stucco blackout curtains framing a gentle brown space. The glacier gray walls are particularly prominent in such a space, creating a less intense contrast between warm and cold. The dining chair fabric is a steamy gray fabric with woven flowers, which looks soft and elegant.

  1. Romantic Art

The apartment is located in an early twentieth-century house in the center of Moscow, where designers Irma Yunaeva and Polina Minakova created a classic interior based on the principle of asymmetry. Thanks to the use of silver on the walls, the space seem to be enveloped in a haze of morning mist, adding to the mystery. The soft dark taupe sofa blends in with the understated gray space with a modern touch. The moonlight-colored wood wall panels were custom made at the Emmemobili factory, and the toffee-colored wood table and rocking horse with Hermès fabric saddle add to the artistic ambiance of the entire space.

  1. The Great Collector

Few people put shelves full of collectibles in their bedrooms, and the owner of this bedroom is undoubtedly a collector. The taupe walls give a warm feeling, and the glossy rock grey ceiling opposes the dawn silver carpet, making the whole space rich and solid in layers. A variety of collectibles and artwork with floral patterns on the curtains fill the space. The metal decoration above the headboard resembles the image of ancient Chinese coins, echoing the theme of the room.

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