Grey tone minimalist style, the city of light luxury rhythm, say goodbye to broken


Grey tone minimalist style, the city of light luxury rhythm, say goodbye to broken

Bored with the cluttered life? Don't like to organize and clean? Want to create a space for yourself, where you can breathe freely? Try the stylish gray minimalist style. Maybe you've just moved into a new home and haven't planned anything for the future, it's okay to start from scratch and perfect your life and space step by step. Here are some beautiful examples of minimalist interiors, not just for designers, but for clueless white people, it will also help you find what you like and then move on to more sophisticated styles.

  1. Zen Beauty

The walls of the bedroom are covered with textured plaster that smoothly transitions from dark to light. The designer cleverly created the illusion of a bed floating in the clouds. Richly layered fabrics enrich the entire space. Fresh green plants and dead branches are decorated on each side, creating a contrast that better reflects the vitality of nature. The photos taken by the hostess during her trip to Iceland become the best decoration, and thanks to the graphic drawing, the landscape looks like it was drawn in pencil. The landscape looks like it was drawn in pencil, thanks to the graphic drawing. Let the time pass by, the landscape in the photo is a memory that will never fade away.

  1. Light luxury

This is a small irregularly shaped living room, the combination of silver and white looks elegant, especially when the fan-shaped floor-to-ceiling windows give the space plenty of natural light. The steel gray coarse weave rug serves as a functional partition, while the sharp texture provides a nice decorative effect, and the irregularly shaped rug stacked above enriches the layers. The velvet sofa in Mykonos blue is filled with beautifully patterned cushions, the colors of which fit the space perfectly. A pair of fabric armchairs in Aurora silver enriches the texture while forming a good layer with the surroundings.

  1. High-end simplicity

Gray and blue reflect each other combined with the typical industrial style to give the environment a simple and sharp business temperament. The open and bright view facilitates the circulation between colors, and the new materials cater to the aesthetics of modern fashion, giving the most direct artistic expression to the lines of furniture. The junction of leather and fabric renders a little change, and the gold and silver colors bring either extravagant or elegant moods respectively.

  1. Tranquil texture

For the interior design, the designer chose a calm light gray shade - anthracite - as an excellent neutral background to visually unify and expand the space. As a result, the apartment does not look boring and monotonous, with natural wood serving as a contrast to many elements. Time and again the designer considered the grain and pattern of the wood, which is pleasing to the eye, soothes the mood, and creates a warm atmosphere. In the bedroom, the dark wood blends perfectly with the textile-covered wall panels.

  1. Stylish light and shadow

This is a neutral and simple modern living room, elegant and rustic colors with design items make the space not look boring, there is a natural and casual beauty. Especially the metal-framed decorative mirror on the back wall above the sofa, shaped like a sun emitting a million rays, not only plays a good decorative effect but also brightens up the space. The moonlight-colored corner sofa is decorated with plain gray cotton cushion bags and navy blue velvet cushion bags, which are beautiful and comfortable. The natural texture of the wood becomes a chic and vibrant decoration in the space while bringing the distance with nature closer.

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