Fresh light turquoise color, as romantic as a poem, light, and sweet temperament


Fresh light turquoise color, as romantic as a poem, light, and sweet temperament

The light turquoise color is fresh and natural, like blue waves, like a breeze through the forest, like a mountain spring gurgling, like a small poem, romantic and light, haunting the heart of a young girl.

  1. Carved plate with beautiful food

Light turquoise and white patterned wallpaper cover the dining room walls, like shells and leaves, full of natural atmosphere and fresh light turquoise color is very appropriate. The sand-colored back-printed carpet perfectly follows the white dining chairs, avoiding direct contact between the dining chairs and the dark wood flooring too abruptly. The soft blue cloth on the dining chairs echoes the light turquoise color, and the room is also dominated by silver accessories to set off the light and pure blue. Gold picture frames are decorated in the dining room, slender and dazzling, with their nobility, the whole space looks clear and delicate, noble and elegant.

  1. Warm winter

This scheme is a good example of matching light turquoise and dark lemon colors. First of all, the walls of the bedroom are decorated with light turquoise wall coverings, and the fresh appearance of the yellow daffodil floral patterns outlined on the walls, together with the decorative picture frames, gives the whole room a warm and elegant tone. The dark lemon headboard with Norwegian blue trim bedding echoes the dark lemon and dusky blue intertwined on the checkered carpet, which is both warm and bright and brings a harmonious and comfortable visual feeling to the space. The use of dark lemon curtains can blend well with outdoor light, bringing a hazy and warm feeling. A bouquet of bright and eye-catching pink flowers placed on a yellow daffodil-colored coffee table in the middle of a pair of single sofas can make the space more romantic and charming.

  1. When happiness comes knocking

In this living room, the colors extend to the high rafters of the living room. The room feels traditional and formal, rustic and casual, and as you can see in the mirror, the color of the walls changes with the way the light hits them, switching between a sharp mint green and a soft sea foam green. The red and blue also work well together, as the rug, coffee table, and sofa all have red in them, bringing everything together perfectly.

  1. Blue and Pink Beauty

A light turquoise color between blue and green, fresh and light, suitable for large areas. Especially as background decoration, it can create a romantic and elegant sensory experience. The romantic charm of Chinese-style flowers and birds resonates perfectly with the blue-pink color at this moment, melting into the elegant vortex of light turquoise color, exquisite, elegant, and extraordinary. I think no woman will refuse such a living room.

  1. Mood

In addition to the fresh shades of gray-green, matcha, light turquoise is also an essential summer soothing color. The blue with green tone can visually present a cooling effect, cold with a little warmth, can match the vintage furniture to create a stable, very sentimental decorative tone, but also combined with the Scandinavian style to create a literary and romantic modern style.

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