Fashionable silver birch color, the realm of gentle confusion, the unforgettable romantic mood


Fashionable silver birch color, the realm of gentle confusion, the unforgettable romantic mood

Silver birch color is derived from the color of silver birch trees in nature, with a slight yellow-green hue, and a warm gray. As a versatile color in the home, it has been loved and sought after by many designers, from the exclusive color of fashion brands to the new fashionable home design, silver birch has been interpreted the classical elegance and maturity.

  1. Garden flowers and birds

In this home where the sun shines freely, De Gournay's plant flowers and birds wallpaper provide bright spring and natural vitality all year round, as if the idyllic scenery of the mountains and fields is moved into the home, always enjoying the relaxed and cozy atmosphere. In the living room, the tweed L-shaped sofa and tufted double sofa create a visual focal point, and the fresh blue and green tones reflect the wallpaper, with the bright accents of bright yellow and green, further emphasizing the natural atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

  1. Modern Modern

The silver birch color creates an aura of uncontested simplicity, understated and restrained. The contrast between aster and peacock blue provides the finishing touch. The transparent interior light with the gorgeous amber brown texture forms an excellent scenery. In terms of the overall design, the simple and atmospheric flow cleverly shapes the modern sense of space, the staggering furniture reflects the change of structure, and the arrangement of colors appears to be orderly and near and far.

  1. Field after the rain

The silver birch background with oasis-colored furniture and the similar shades of gray give the whole space a unique and elegant temperament. Like the wilderness caressed by the breeze, it simply and delicately portrays a comfortable way of life. A heavy blue striped carpet deepens the solidity of the space, and together with the bright golden color, it structures the light and luxurious atmosphere.

  1. Old Dreams Floating

This living room adopts a traditional symmetrical layout, reflecting a middle-of-the-road idea. Elegant silver birch color with mild lily white, a kind of plain warmth in plainness. The matcha-colored suede sofa with the bird's egg green background of brushwork flower and bird decorative painting is fresh and elegant. A pair of neoclassical armchairs in light gray and blue wrapped cloth placed next to the fireplace reflects the design ingenuity of blending East and West. The decoration of bold leopard print cushions collides with the overall plain and clean style, inspiring new vitality and bringing interest. Antique furniture, blue and white porcelain, flower windows, gourd vase lamps, pavilion-style chandeliers, and other Chinese elements are integrated into all corners harmoniously and exquisitely.

  1. The choice of elegance

Classic blue and white combination, deep navy blue with elegant silver birch and bright white, forming a quiet and elegant atmosphere, very suitable for reading. The Amber brown leather armchair adds a little retro mood. And crystal rose cushion decoration brings a little romantic style, which well neutralizes the dull navy blue. The whole study looks elegant and sophisticated.

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