Fashion lime color, the gift of nature, warm home hundred match magic


Fashion lime color, the gift of nature, warm home hundred match magic

Lime color with a light gray tone, natural and versatile. Compared with other greens with higher purity, it is easier to be practical and can be applied to the wall in a large area, which can decorate the classical space as well as apply to the rustic style.

  1. Beast school wallpaper

Aiming for a chic Victorian feel in this bedroom, the apartment was decorated in different sections and colors, starting with a delicate lime-colored fauvist floral wallpaper. It looks classic, but the pattern is actually very edgy and modern. The space is paired with bright white bedding and juniper green bedheads to bring in a natural touch. The leather-brown woodwork trim and accented solid black furniture also carry the charm of classical art.

  1. Summer feeling of lime

This traditionally styled living room chose to paint its walls in lime, a bold and tenacious color that's also a bit tart, which makes the citrus curtains look warm and sweet. From a distance, the walls look shiny and smooth, but up close the glazed layer is covered with a crackle that adds a sense of history to the space. A Mykonos Blue light blue printed fabric covers the front of a 1960s wingback chair and is backed with Mykonos Blue cotton. Pairing the print and solid together focuses the eye while accentuating the curved contours of the chair.

  1. Classic Americana

Lime color incorporates the temperament of olive green in the presentation of the color. This raw and noble premium texture is extremely suitable for expressing the introspective and steady nature of the home style. Both lime and olive green give a soft and oily feeling, perhaps because the texture of olive oil guides this illusion on a psychological level of suggestion.

  1. Elegant style

Away from the hustle and bustle of traffic and the coldness of steel and concrete, this place retains the freshness of nature and the magnificence of art, using gray and green tones to create an urban "paradise" rich in rustic nature. The silver and white Malabar print wallpaper and the same curtains bring the ultimate experience of elegance and fun, while the lime bedroom background and the bronze fabric home in the living room combine the beauty of ornamentation and present the seductive charm of natural elegance.

  1. Fashion Kaleidoscope

Color can not only change a life but also save it. As the pretensions of youth fade and the heart tends to become more and more simple and bright, bright colors come to the fore, along with a colorful world. In this apartment in Moscow, emeralds demonstrate the power to warm and enliven a space. Watercolor collage wallpaper covers the walls with the spontaneity of cartoons, but also with an artistic flair due to its color variations and careful arrangement. Color is a flowing melody here, and unlike the impressionistic painting style of the walls, the furniture is a clean and neat block of color that harmonizes with each other to call for a modern space full of surrealism.

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