Fashion dark green, interpretation of aristocratic elegance and romance, exciting and cool summer


Fashion dark green, interpretation of aristocratic elegance and romance, exciting and cool summer

Dark green, low brightness gray tone, just like the lush forest, the rich vitality is restrained in the table, and the generous manners are infinite reverie. It is like a rustic aristocrat, revealing a faint retro sentiment, spreading the external elegance and romantic temperament layer by layer. The beautiful tones are integrated into the home design, and the calm and noble color will be the ultimate manifestation of intellectual and mysterious beauty, creating a stunningly beautiful space in the unexpected.

  1. Elegant charm

This cozy little living room has a modern Victorian style that is eclectic. The mix of colors makes the room layered, from the deep dark green to the tropical patterned wallpaper, the dark gray sofa to the black and white striped rug, the black decorative accessories add depth to the room, and as an extension and expansion of the imagination, the wood material further brings the room closer to nature. Many decorative paintings of flora and fauna, large and small, hang all over the walls, keeping the theme of the room centered around nature, with a richly colored flamingo hanging painting occupying the visual focal point.

  1. Cool industrial style

The living room and kitchen both use dark green as the background color. Usually, the dining room is decorated with dark green, which will look spacious and clean, and also with honey-colored cabinets, which brings a light and luxurious temperament and greatly improves the visual feeling of the kitchen. And the living room uses dark green with yellow daffodil flooring for a balance of warm and cold, embellished with a Pompeii red sofa and Phantom black furniture, making the space stylish and artistic.

  1. Mixing and matching temperament

Despite the dark green background, this space gives a warm feeling. Classical paneling is paired with bright white ceilings and dark wood floors to give the space room to breathe and to fully express the elegant charm of the traditional style. The furniture, mostly black and white, is small and functional with a mid-century charm, and luxurious materials such as leather, metal, and fur flood the space with a sense of luxury. Greenery is paired with brass planters to harmonize the overall temperament and bring life to the space.

  1. Theme Bathroom

This sumptuous bathroom uses dark green wallpaper to simulate the feeling of a jungle, its tall luxury creating a dreamy immersion. The sink is decorated with white marble slabs, and the opposite toilet area uses the same technique, with delicate carvings and gold details reminiscent of the romance of a French court. Some black furniture, such as curtains, shelves, and chandeliers, add a sense of mystery to the space.

  1. Rustic style

In small, well-lit spaces, dark green tends to create a deep and mysterious effect. This raised balcony study is wrapped in dark green, with a patchwork wood paneling that has a rustic feel, and a light gold textured ceiling that looks like sun-dried sunlight, bringing warmth and peace. A white sofa and iron coffee table form a cozy reading corner, and a dark pink Moroccan rug and coarse linen carpet are layered on the floor, echoed by a circular chandelier.

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