Elegant turquoise color, enjoy the gentle summer, the refreshing beauty of the forest


Elegant turquoise color, enjoy the gentle summer, the refreshing beauty of the forest

The green of turquoise, like the blue of Tiffany blue, is subtle like a young girl and shy like a blossom. Although it is light, the calm color nurtures a constant source of vitality, like a flowing spring, nourishing the land. Applied to the home color scheme, it can be used as a large area of the wall color, but never give a sense of abruptness, like a calm lake, it can soothe countless restless hearts; as an accent color, it is like a young leaf poking out of the water, adding a sense of movement and playfulness to the space.

  1. Beach style

Turquoise and the beach are a natural pair. Even if it's not attached to the beach, it can afford to be romantic on its own. This living room is full of amorous details and elaborate arrangements. The two main characters of turquoise and white make the space more and more clean and bright, and the inlay of the window frame shows the owner's determination - refusing to be overly fairy and frivolous, so a chocolate brown is used to sink in the white frame, adding a sweet space worth chewy gift. The curtains use a Hawaiian pattern, which beckons the slightly salty sea breeze even when it's not oceanfront.

  1. Retro charm

This dining room looks like a sunny garden, with the turquoise wallpaper and freesia yellow curtains creating a bold contrast that is both fresh and warm. The fruits and flowers on the wallpaper give off a vibrant aroma, while the brown rug and dining chairs add an earthy touch. The mirror above the console and the backs of the dining chairs mimic coastal elements, bringing a casual feel to the space, and the flower arrangements in the porcelain vase complement the flowering trees on the wallpaper. A golden candle-shaped chandelier completes the traditional and elegant look.

  1. Modern art

Parisian interior designer Géraldine Prieur has filled her home with wonderful colors. The eye-catching and vibrant color scheme of the living room is a striking one, and the bold combination of classic and modern pieces in the space brings endless surprises. The overall design is full of fun and new ideas.

  1. Feminine tenderness

Coral pink and turquoise collide to bring out the breath of spring. The coral gold and bright white checkered rug are similar to the checkered tablecloth that is a must-have for picnics on this year's ins. The strawberry ice bedboard and pillows are like desserts for picnics, giving the space a more layered feel. Above the headboard with green plate decoration is chic and scenic.

  1. Elegance

In order to spend a perfect summer, we are bound to make our home come alive, like a country house that doesn't need to pay. The turquoise color with pink tones is like a gorgeous jewel box, with some plush fabric to fluff up the space, a romantic and beautiful chandelier with wind chimes, and a white simple wooden coffee table to create a strong vacation feeling.

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