Elegant cedar green, paired with fashion, the freedom to switch between classical and modern


Elegant cedar green, paired with fashion, the freedom to switch between classical and modern

As the orthodox green in the plant color system, cedar green can be said to have a unique advantage. Vibrant and lively, it is the basic color for stacking spaces. It is the key color to brighten up the space, whether it is a fashion trend or a classical elegance. Even if it is just a little green injection, it can instantly add infinite vitality to the space.

  1. Eye-catching classical temperament

The calm and soothing sand color is more often used as a background color in the home, which gives more temperature to the space and brings people comfort and a full sense of security. The sofa, carpet, and seat are all in peacock blue, with aromatic curtains, embellished with champagne pink and honey decorations, the whole space is very rich in noble temperament, showing low-key luxury and dignity. When designing this room, the designer's original design intention was to make the bedroom a warm and inviting space, but he did not want to use wallpaper on a large scale for fear that the walls would be disconnected from the rest of the house. Therefore, glacial gray was chosen as the background for the walls, Les Palmiers printed fabric in Biscayne Bay Blue was chosen for the curtains, and La Panthere velvet bed frame in cedar green was also chosen. Of note, the designer also cut the panels and matched them perfectly with the bright white frames to create a gallery-like look, with a framed wallpaper collage continuing along the window wall, creating a bright landscape.

  1. Mix and match classical

The living room space has cedar green as the background color, used extensively on the walls, with bright white interspersed. And a silver carpet is laid on the toffee-colored floor to bring a sense of comfort, and a gray-colored sofa is used on top, with pink and yellow art decorations to create a stylish and literary urban style for the space.

  1. Modern charm

Every space has its temperament and temperature, and the smaller the space, the more pronounced this characteristic becomes. The matte textured cedar green walls exude a rich, mythical forest aura as if the result of a long, drawn-out fermentation process. The concrete floor is warmed by a fur rug, and the woven rattan chairs with yellow accessories and red floor lampshades provide a comfortable and playful living atmosphere.

  1. Greenery creates a calming atmosphere

This modern and stylish bedroom is decorated with a lot of fresh greenery, which looks extra vibrant and complements the cedar green. The space is predominantly white, bright, and clean. The color of the space fits perfectly with the decorative painting above the headboard, which seems to bring the world from the painting into reality.

  1. A touch of warmth

This bedroom mixes a variety of hues - nude, coral, moss green, gold, and bright white - to feel fresh and cheerful, but remains largely neutral. A bedside bench covered in citrus velvet also serves as storage, and an old-fashioned wooden nightstand painted in cedar green with a smooth countertop and leather texture feels bright, airy, and clean in stark color contrast. Sliding glass doors were chosen with simple, traditional pleated curtains for a fuller, feminine look, and curtain rods in a luxurious gold tone in line with the bedside lamp.

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