Classic chocolate brown, luxury memories, and inexhaustible taste of love


Classic chocolate brown, luxury memories, and inexhaustible taste of love

As one of the common colors for home, chocolate brown gives people a calm and comfortable feeling, like a cup of warm and mellow mocha, soothing fatigue and bringing a sense of security. It shows the texture in the low profile and shapes the tasteful life. Whether it is the floor, wall, furniture, or fabric, chocolate brown from the earth and logs is definitely the most natural and classic choice.

  1. The luxury memory of the king

Large use of chocolate brown and glacier gray, build out the checkroom with a unique attractive light luxury style, low base color with various colors of clothing accessories, but can set off the glory of clothing accessories. The honey color that emits a metallic luster and the white heron color that embellishes it both make the dark color have some toning, not dull, and make people feel the highlight. The overall color palette seems like a bar of rich chocolate with nuts, sweet and seductive with a hint of understated bitterness, the fragrance overflows between the lips and teeth, worthy of a constant taste.

  1. Oriental Flowers and Birds

The picture uses the difference between orange tones and dark brown can interpret the layering. Cadmium orange and the popular Hermes orange give the wallpaper and curtains rich decorative possibilities, and the different patterns and inlays give life to the minimalist furniture and fabrics. The dark brown color makes the overall passionate atmosphere of the living room can be appropriately calm, effectively transitioning the rhythm of the space from warm to cold, which is comforting.

  1. Luxury accents

This bedroom is the work of designer Barbara Feinstein. The elegant softness of the smoky gray color sets the tone of the room. The lily-white carpet covers the entire room, providing a warm and soft touch for the owner. The Sanderson floral wallpaper with a hint of tropical charm echoes the color scheme of the bed, and the chocolate brown satin headboard and pumpkin-colored bedding are warm and reliable. The tortoiseshell leather round stool that serves as a coffee table exudes a charming luster, adding to the luxury of the room.

  1. Vintage rug

The combination of spinach green curtains and the rich chocolate brown rug is quite like bringing the forest inside. The combination of green and gray is also common in nature. When decorating a living room, it emphasizes elegance and gentleness. The classical décor with the elegant glacier gray is reserved and elegant. The sweet spinach green blackout curtains are perfectly supported by the glacier gray walls. The combination of green and black is gorgeous and mysterious, which fits well with the temperament of Marlene Fetter, who is known as the "Black Magician". A large mirror extends the space further, and a large number of modern materials and exotic patterns give this living room a strong art deco atmosphere.

  1. Modern City

In a small female bedroom, the bronze wallpaper with a white ceiling and wooden floor creates an elegant urban atmosphere. Velvet is in full effect in this small bedroom, with a chocolate brown headboard that reaches to the ceiling and grape juice-colored bedding with coral pink cushions, gorgeous and romantic yet soft and comfortable. The abstract leaf patterns of the plaster decorative panels on both sides of the headboard with flamingo ornaments reveal a tropical atmosphere, and together with the poster-style decorative paintings and gorgeous crystal chandeliers, they create a unique and glamorous urban fashion. Side. Black rectangular photo frames form an organic combination of black and white photo decorative walls with literary and vintage style.

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