Children's room color scheme, let fly innocent dreams, embrace a wonderful future


Children's room color scheme, let fly innocent dreams, embrace a wonderful future

The innocent and lovely children are the flowers of the motherland, the sun at eight or nine o'clock in the morning, the future. The children's room is the "fortress" that grows together with the children, and the rich colors in the room are their first glimpse of the world. It's time for the annual June 1 Children's Day, and we have prepared a gift for the children, come and take a look!

  1. Flowers in bloom everywhere

This girl's room uses a typical complementary color scheme, with a classic green-pink contrast that is vibrant and dynamic. The room is sweet and playful with a bright green light color as the main color, paired with blush and berry wine colors, contrasting both color and light and dark. The room comes with its bathroom, which is decorated with grass green as the main color, echoing the green light color of the bedroom, but also has its characteristics.

  1. Speedy Life

This is a boy's room with a traditional blue color scheme, with light gray-blue wallpaper decorated with a variety of cars. The dark wood four-poster bed is decorated with navy blue and white bedding, which echoes the nautical theme of the painting above the bed. The Delft blue checkered carpet makes a perfect transition between the furniture and the wall, and the same color woven basket creates a harmonious and casual atmosphere. The whale-shaped table lamp and silver sports car ornament on the chest of drawers emphasize the theme of the room again.

  1. Explore the ocean

This is an ocean-themed children's room, the designer added a lot of accessories with a marine theme. In the color scheme, the light gray-green color is used as the main color instead of the usual blue color of the ocean theme, which brings a more natural feeling to the room and makes people feel more relaxed. The desk and back wall are custom-made by the designer, and the installation of cork wall panels provides a "stage" for children to show themselves and helps stimulate their creativity.

  1. The legend of the Little Mermaid

Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale of the Little Mermaid was originally full of tragedy, but later through film and television adaptations and reenactments and even with inspirational colors. In any case, this house for two girls is undoubtedly beautiful and dreamy. The wallpaper with the taste of the sea, exquisite lacquer furniture, bright and old carpet, fun toy pillows, fixed mini writing desk, anyway, no one can doubt the good intentions of the parents.

  1. opulent and exotic

Rich and exotic children's room design is none other than it. Orange, yellow, and green, three colors coordinate and contrast to strengthen the visual impression, continuous colorful feelings like a tidal wave, full of splendor into vivid, open symbols to reach the other side of happiness. The hand-painted frescoes full of childish interest make the golden splendor of a room dyed with glittering poetry and broken into a dappled sunlight-encrusted day shadow.

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