Beautiful purple system with the romantic declaration of summer, reproduce the elegant and dream life


Beautiful purple system with the romantic declaration of summer, reproduce the elegant and dream life

It is hard not to be infected by the romantic and mysterious color when you are in a field full of lavender flowers. Purple is a synonym for noble and independent, it is a lonely and self-appreciated flower in the natural world, but also a rare haze in the sky.

  1. Elegant classical beauty

Light lavender color has high brightness and low saturation, which is extremely suitable for space background. Combined with the delicate and slender pattern to add a romantic and charming. Matching with the same pattern of smoky gray curtains, delicate touch and concept to highlight the elegance and fashionable temperament. Home tone can choose the classic simple black and white, not only to clarify the focus but also to enrich the level.

  1. Stylish and modern

The symmetrical layout is simple and clear. The walls are stitched together with regular geometric shape color blocks, articulated with bright white for a natural transition. Grape purple is boldly chosen as the background color on both sides, which is fashionable and vivid. The same color fabric armchair echoes the wall, with the dark fuchsia cushion on the long sofa of Phantom Black, enriching the level. The irregular pattern of the gray color carpet plays the role of dividing the functional area while extending the gray color from the wall all the way out and naturally transitioning to the sofa, which has a good cohesive effect.

  1. Fabric customization

This room resembles a cocoon, with a uniform pattern contracted for the walls and bedding, a bright white ceiling, and a taupe linen rug for an airy and natural feel. the 19th-century headboard is faux marble, which embodies a sleek modern look with the clear headboard, and the gold picture frame and shell chandelier look both luxurious and romantic.

  1. Hazy charm

If you have an interest in fairy tale idolatry, you must also be fascinated by the color lavender, and the language of flowers related to the purple color has a pure and eternal meaning, like lavender - waiting for love, like forget-me-not and Eustoma - sincere, eternal and unchanging love. Light lavender color gives a dream-like romantic feeling, it is also suitable for expressing a quiet, calm state of mind, very suitable to become the key color for the decoration of the girls' room. With light lavender color the color does not need to be complicated, warm yellow color or neutral tone can assist in presenting a warm and bright interior environment.

  1. Rustic elegance

The wooden ceiling combined with the floor-to-ceiling windows with a wide view gives the feeling of being in nature. This bedroom has a chic layout with the closet arranged behind the bed, saving space and enhancing concealment. The custom bedside table is integrated with the bed, providing ample storage space. The glacier gray cabinet is harmonious and layered with the frost gray wall. The soft lavender fabric headboard is small in size but as gentle as it can be, with a hint of unintentional laziness. Light gold bedside lamps and ornaments decorate the room to make it more exquisite, with a slight sense of light luxury.

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