Advantages Of Placing Artificial Flowers In Your Home


What is the difference between, faux flowers, artificial flowers, fake flowers, or silk flowers?

Quick answer, they are all the same thing. The name silk flowers come from ancient times when the flower fabrics were silk. Today the flowers are made from a range of fabrics such as velvet fabric. You still can buy high-quality silk flowers, they are more expensive, shiny to the touch, and look the most realistic.

But artificial flowers look cheap and tacky?

Artificial flowers and artificial succulent plants have become very popular over the past few years. This has made suppliers work hard to improve their quality. Most artificial flowers come from, China, Honduras, and Thailand.

More and more florists are only doing artificial flower decorations for weddings. This highlights the reputation of artificial flowers looking cheap and tacky is a thing of the past. However, the more the artificial flower costs the better quality the flowers will be.

So, what are the benefits of having artificial flower arrangements?

The first point I’m going to make, being a pet owner, they are pet-friendly. Lots of the fresh flowers you buy can be toxic or irritant to your pets. Therefore, having an artificial display in your home will reduce the risk of harm.

They are cost-effective, and artificial flowers last longer than fresh flowers. They never wilt or die. Therefore, purchasing them for a loved one or your home is good for your wallet.

Artificial flowers can be bought ahead of time as a gift and stored until the celebration date. Which reduces the stress of running around last minute to collect your fresh flower arrangement.

Very easy to care for, light dusting when you do your housework chores.

They are in season all year round. Using my mother, for example, her favorite flowers are daffodils (as you know, they are only spring flowers). You can only buy fresh daffodils for 1 or 2 months a year. But artificial daffodils can be purchased all year round.

Are artificial flowers a benefit for my mental health issues?

Having any bright colorful or calming arrangements in your home will help lift your mood. Place the artificial flower arrangement in a room where you feel you need support. For example; If you suffer from anxiety at night place the arrangement next to your bed to help relax at night, if you are struggling in the work environment, place a small arrangement on your desk at home or in the office, and mindfulness areas in homes are becoming very popular, place a calming item in that room.  

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