Advanced sense of minimalist design, elegant minimalist two flowers, the way of modern urban design


Advanced sense of minimalist design, elegant minimalist two flowers, the way of modern urban design

Modern minimalism originated from modernist minimalism, modern minimalist style is simple and tasteful, with a simple form of expression to meet the kind of emotional, instinctive, and rational needs of the space environment. Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and more and more young people prefer to choose more simple and practical things, especially in this aspect of decoration, practical and functional modern minimalist style quickly into the homes of young people.

  1. Scandinavian and Japanese combination

The bright white background with wheat-colored log material becomes the overall tone of the space. The combination of white with oak, natural stone, and wicker gives life to spaces where one can permanently feel a connection to the outside world. With this house, the designer wanted to capture the complex combination of Scandinavian and Japanese design in order to find the perfect visual balance.

  1. Neutral style

This is a neutral and simple modern living room, with elegant and simple colors with a sense of design of the single product so that the space does not look boring, there is a natural casual beauty. Especially the metal-framed decorative mirror on the back wall above the sofa, shaped like a sun emitting a million rays, not only plays a good decorative effect but also brightens up the space. The moonlight-colored corner sofa is decorated with plain gray cotton cushion bags and navy blue velvet cushion bags, which are beautiful and comfortable. The natural texture of the wood becomes a chic and vibrant decoration in the space while bringing the distance with nature closer.

  1. Material contrast

The walls of the bedroom are covered with textured plaster that smoothly transitions from dark to light. The designer cleverly created the illusion of a bed floating in the clouds. Richly layered fabrics enrich the entire space. Fresh green plants and dead branches are decorated on each side, creating a contrast that better reflects the vitality of nature. The photos taken by the hostess during her trip to Iceland become the best decoration, and thanks to the graphic drawing, the landscape looks like it was drawn in pencil. The landscape looks like it was drawn in pencil, thanks to the graphic drawing. Let the time pass by, the landscape in the photo is a memory that will never fade away.

  1. Haziness

The space is extremely plain with a 2.7-meter bright white ceiling and fog-colored walls. 1.8-meter-high windows illuminate the room to bring in plenty of sunlight while controlling the space's light through curtains. Iced Danish oak is used for the flooring, master bedroom doors, and some siding panels. The soft and serene neutral color palette and various stone textures create a deeply luxurious and comfortable atmosphere.

  1. Atmospheric white space

When it comes to atmospheric homes, Japanese architectural style is always inseparable from the influence of "breakaway", to sum up in one sentence, their threshold of elegant aesthetics for homes and their preference for courtyards and landscapes converge, leaving large areas of white, focusing on preserving natural light and delicate line engraving. The wabi-sabi aesthetic and Zen style came from the temples, but it is just like a trend in the field of decoration. This sense of atmosphere is built not on the substance of life but on the support of spiritual power. Rather than preferring the spontaneity of not having a single thing, we hope to be free from the chaos of the world at this moment.

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