Advanced gray + yellow, bright little tail, refreshing and good energy


Advanced gray + yellow, bright little tail, refreshing and good energy

It is the sunshine that breaks through the gloom, a lemon candy after the bitter pill, a small yellow flower in memory, a combination of ...... senior gray and yellow is full of this broken after beauty, the low-key gray sets off the yellow to be extra bright as if you can see the yellow swaying behind the gray with a small tail of leaping.

  1. Rhythm Panda

This is a stylish and fun space where minimalism with loft elements was chosen as the main style. The glacial gray walls and textiles, lime gray ceiling, Phantom Black cabinets, and dark floors are simple and plain, making the Imperial Yellow stand out in the space. The minimal decoration was used in the space, with only a few black and white posters, and the main decorative element was a poster with a panda on it.

The room's flexible lighting design is worth learning from. For even lighting throughout the space, rotating tracks and spotlights were used. The kitchen and bedroom areas are decorated with minimalist metal chandeliers. The lounge area on the windowsill has a wall lamp for reading.

  1. Ancient Glory

This is a small bedroom in high-grade gray, glacier gray covers the walls of the room, and the backdrop of white patterned wallpaper on glacier gray background is chosen, harmonious and chic. The black and white interlocking geometric pattern carpet is a dark gray wrapped bed with blue tones, and the headboard is decorated with silver rivets, with a little retro mood. The mimosa yellow cushions on the bed make a bright impression, echoing the same color curtains. The black and white interwoven patterns greatly enrich the room's layers. The glass chandelier has the crystal clarity of crystal but is also simple and light.

  1. Elegant and soothing

A warm and honeyed home should of course be interpreted with gentle and soothing colors. A light and soft egret color decorate the wall background, bringing a warm visual experience. The sunlight-colored sofa and decorative wall art are used to further enhance the senses and the theme with their tones and textures. With a unique taupe sofa and simple steel gray curtains, the sun-like hues bring a constant warmth to the entire living room.

  1. Relaxing

For the bedroom space, the color scheme is more about the comfortable atmosphere. Use neutral shades of silver and white wallpaper to decorate the walls, low gray and saturation to create a soothing atmosphere, with different shades and materials of high-grade gray home to maintain a calm temperament. For a calm space, you can add some soft colors, such as sweet yellow cream, which can be used on curtains and bedding, with a dynamic pattern, a comfortable and relaxed space.

  1. modern modern

If imperial yellow is a new and untried color for you, and you can't yet convince yourself to use it for irreversible makeovers and experimentation, try starting with a decorative painting. In this dining room, a palette of black, white and silver sets a modern and stylish tone for the space, with fiery red leather dining chairs that are warm and sexy, combined with an Evans-style table. On one wall, a large hanging painting in imperial yellow resembles a hidden door, as if a glamorous rave party is hidden behind Andy Warhol's playful style.

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