Advanced gray + purple, shining in the dark, a mysterious dream


Advanced gray + purple, shining in the dark, a mysterious dream

The darkness is silent and diffused, and a touch of purple quietly blooms, dominating the night and awakening a mysterious and fantastic world. Flapping wings, through the layers of gray, running to a purple dream world.

  1. Romantic blooming

This is a modern bedroom decorated in grape juice purple. The wall behind the bed is decorated with vertical shapes that create a sense of rhythm in the room and visually increase the height of the ceiling. The opposite wall is decorated with the same vertical trim, with the color changed to a matte color to create a contrast of shades. The silver carpet complements the silver cabinetry in the room. The bronze curtains with the steamy gray bed and the silver transition make everything elegant and orderly. Decorative paintings, pottery, dried flowers, and greenery make the room modern and artistic.

  1. Lonely throne

This is irregular and slender living room, and the designer cleverly used the mirrored back wall to widen the space and make it look bigger and more comfortable. The use of silver + Roganberry color blocking carpet is very clever and perfectly matches with the silver fabric sofa and the imperial purple velvet wing chair, and the purple corner echoes with the wall hanging paintings. Marble slab TV wall, metal details decoration, and noble and elegant purple add light luxury charm to the plain space.

  1. Fashionable and modern

The symmetrical layout is simple and clear. The walls are spliced with regular geometric shape color blocks, with bright white as the articulation for a natural transition. Both sides boldly choose grape purple as the background color, fashionable and vivid. The same color fabric armchair echoes the wall, with the dark fuchsia cushion on the long sofa of Phantom Black, enriching the level. The irregular pattern of the gray color carpet plays the role of dividing the functional area while extending the gray color from the wall all the way out and naturally transitioning to the sofa, which has a good cohesive effect.

  1. Fashionable and free

Exposed ceilings, lots of spotlights, and metal elements give this apartment an industrial feel, with the main white color looking light and handsome. The soft and delicate fabrics and rich layers of purple make the space look stylish and beautiful. The metal spherical chandelier, abstract decorative painting, and fancy mirror are rich in personality and exquisite chic. The image of a noble, free and sentimental homeowner comes to mind.

  1. Plums are ripe

This living room takes full advantage of natural light, and the bright white walls are the icing on the cake, making the room even brighter. The combination of dark and light silver carpet and sofa fully reflects the wonderful combination of textures and materials, and the steel gray fabric cushions provide a great sense of layering. The deep fuchsia cushions provide a little warmth to the space, with a mature beauty. Fresh greenery is full of vitality and energy, and the space is more refreshing. Two artworks on the wall, one blue and one red, both by artist Zorikto Dorzhiev, give the space tension and artistry.

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