Advanced gray + pink, accompanied by elegance, enjoy the last romantic aftertaste of spring


The pace of time is in a hurry, and before you know it, it has entered the early summer, but the lingering flowers on the branches and the faint fragrance in the air make people miss the spring day. The elegant and radiant high-grade gray and sweet and romantic pink is like falling red dancing in the dust, saying goodbye to the passing spring.

01 rippling tenderness

This is a female attic bedroom, the walls are mainly in steam gray, and the connection to the ceiling is decorated with a wide plaster line of smoke gray. The background wall where the head of the bed is located is made of crystal rose three-dimensional geometric decoration, and the same color bedding is selected for matching, which is gentle and romantic. Beside the bed, grey rose velvet curtains reveal a sense of nobility. A deep sea blue fabric bed end stool is placed on the gray carpet at the end of the bed, which forms a warm and cold contrast with the bedding, making the crystal rose color more gentle.

02 oil painting world

Storm gray and dark pink are both gray tones. The combination of the two is elegant and harmonious, giving people a sense of comfort as if they came to the world of oil painting. Natural stone floors with delicate geometric patterns are chic and artistic. Champagne-pink chairs stand out against the dark pink ceiling.

03 sweet and playful


Whoever said that senior gray must be a calm and self-contained image, this case fully illustrates the diversity of senior gray. The owner of this apartment is a humorous and lovely young girl, and the interior of the apartment fully reflects the personality of the owner. The triple gray plays a role in the room, and the layering is full. Dark pink and orange ochre follow the principle of less but more detail to embellish the details. Although the amount is small, it is more attractive, and it is sweet and playful without appearing understated. The custom-made bookshelves and TV cabinets fit the room layout and personality and perfectly match the coffee table in color.

04 elegant and refined

Simple colors are more delicate and fresh with the blessing of patterns. The ceiling in this bedroom is particularly ingenious. The silver birch gradient wave pattern is very dynamic, and the huge round flower ball chandelier looks like a dandelion, which seems to be light enough to fly against the ceiling. The electrocardiogram-like pattern on the headboard echoes the ceiling subtly, and at the same time transmits a signal that the two people on this bed are connected.

05 You Are My Superstar

It's a playroom, with a silver pentagram patterned across the bright white walls. The carpet in the room has switched the relationship between the two colors, with silver as the main color, decorated with bright white patterns. The five-pointed star element runs throughout, and there is also a five-pointed star pattern on the fabric pouf.

Pink is scattered throughout the room as an accent color. Carnation powder and silver tassel decoration are hung on the lockers, and each locker is equipped with a silver-white storage basket, which can cultivate children's autonomy and organizational ability. The crystal rose-colored pillows and dolls are scattered in front of the window, showing the innocence of the children.

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