Advanced gray + green, fresh and soothing rhythm, the romance from nature


Advanced gray + green, fresh and soothing rhythm, the romance from nature

The storm is coming, dark clouds swept the sky, and "black clouds are about to destroy the city" a dreary scene. Suddenly, bean-sized raindrops fall, but the green trees are still, green veins enjoy the rain-soaked, and leaves dance with the wind to enjoy the gifts of nature. When the rain and wind recede, nature reveals a new life. High-grade gray and green with the green to stimulate more vitality.

  1. Looking back again

This bedroom has a stormy gray ceiling and corners that look as if a storm is coming into the sky, somewhat dreary and contrasting with the silver carpet in light and dark. The exotic floral patterned Manjung wallpaper decorates the walls, a bit of Buddhist meditation in a retro luxury. The ochre yellow curtains perfectly match the flowers on the wallpaper. On the bed, coral pink cushions form a triangular relationship with the wallpaper and curtains, and the playful pink color makes the space more gentle and lively.

  1. Cool mood

The combination of glacier gray and mint green is reflected through the large walls, ceiling and sofa, and cushion bag decoration. In the bedroom, glacier gray becomes the main color of the walls, and mint green becomes the color of the sofa single chair, wall painting, and cushion bag, the overall color scheme is simple and bright, together with metallic materials and geometric patterns, it has a modern and stylish sense.

  1. Fresh and simple

The silver-white wall and steam gray coarse weave carpet form a bright and simple space, and the contrasting black and white make the space more fashionable. Black makes the space rich through different shapes, materials, and textures. The long velvet cushions in treetop green on the double sofa echo the large leafy green plants on the side and the plant ornaments on the coffee table, while the layers are rich, embellishing the space with just the right amount of greenery.

  1. Fresh and bright

Light gray tones are calm and soothing and can be used for the ceiling and walls of the dining space to create a casual and natural dining environment. To create a more personal and layered space, choose different shades of gray to separate the ceiling, wall, and floor areas. The vibrant spinach green print fabric is used to decorate curtains, chairs, carpets, and cushions to create a natural and elegant atmosphere. Gold chandeliers, candle holders, table lamps, and photo frames are decorated to enhance the space.

  1. Affordable urban style

In the world of high-grade gray, all the hustle and bustle comes to a standstill, leaving only elegance and calmness to hold themselves. The space created by it is naturally tainted with this quality, low-key and calm, and elegant. His world is filled with a bright green feldspar color, appearing on the seats, wall paintings, carpets, and even flower and bird wallpaper, the vivid and vibrant color breaks the calmness of the whole space, showing full of vitality, driving the color affinity of the whole space and constructing an ideal home world.

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