Advanced gray + blue, is a natural choice, turning elegance into a habit


Advanced gray + blue, is a natural choice, turning elegance into a habit

The meeting of high-grade gray and blue is the clear sky dotted with layer clouds, the vast sea with light and shadow floating, and the ice floating under the shadow in the cup. Everything is so sparse, so natural, but always inadvertently touches the softness of our hearts.

  1. meet elegance

This is an artistic space with a lot of artwork decorating the room. The glacier gray walls are understated and elegant, and the elephant gray leather sofa is very design-oriented, with a clear contrast between shades. The cotton candy-colored linen floor curtains are light and airy and are used in conjunction with Roman shades. Simple design dining chairs with elegant Delft blue wrapped cloth, become the highlight of the space and can not be ignored. The square room is decorated with many curves, which makes it more harmonious and dynamic.

  1. Sea Salt Lemon Sugar

This is a simple but sophisticated high-class gray bedroom with a chic bedhead design that makes this room instantly interesting. The bed is the centerpiece of the room, and the bed is perfectly integrated into the headboard with the headboard. The exquisite fabric backdrop combines color blocking and texture, which not only serves as a decoration but also as an extension of the headboard. A hidden closet with mirrored doors further expands the boundaries of the room.

  1. Leisure time

This is a small, irregularly shaped living room. The combination of silver and white looks sophisticated and elegant, especially when the fan-shaped floor-to-ceiling windows give the space plenty of natural light. The steel gray coarse weave rug serves as a functional partition, while the sharp texture provides a nice decorative effect, and the irregularly shaped rug stacked above enriches the layers. The velvet sofa in Mykonos blue is filled with beautifully patterned cushions, the colors of which fit the space perfectly. A pair of fabric armchairs in Aurora silver enriches the texture while forming a good layer with the surroundings.

  1. Before the storm

This is the kitchen of a chic oceanfront vacation cottage. Instead of the usual crisp blue and white color scheme, the designer chose a relatively depressing high-grade gray color scheme. The silver wallpaper has a plain texture, and the floor is covered with semi-matte black panels for a highly textured look. The cabinets were chosen in the stormy gray favored by the owner of the house, partially mirrored by a mild light gray-blue color, and paired with a bright white marble countertop. The whole room is like the sea before the storm, making people feel nervous and depressed, so they will look out of the window and see the real endless sea. Such a design full of ingenuity is really surprising.

  1. Silent Night

This is a bedroom made of high-grade gray and blue. The curtains and carpet are in navy blue, which gives a sense of "heaven and earth are only one color". The frost gray fabric headboard and bed frame are elegant and soft. The dark gray-blue velvet cushions on the bed not only echoed the navy blue and enriched the layers, but also enriched the texture of the space. A blue gradient art painting above the bed seems to be saying "the moon has its shades and roundness", which is beautiful and artistic.

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