A flower, a world, a romantic accent for the home, how to choose a vase for a bouquet of flowers


A flower, a world, a romantic accent for the home, how to choose a vase for a bouquet of flowers

Not only should you choose a vase for the interior, but also for the bouquet itself, so that the combination looks more favorable and the flowers will last longer. A vase shouldn't just be pretty, it has to be chosen based on size. The flowers should be one and a half times higher than the vase, but not too much larger than the vase itself, otherwise, it will look like the vase is about to topple over.

For lush bouquets

Vases for intricate bouquets should be chosen not only for the height of the flowers but also for their size. Vases with very wide and low necks allow the flowers to spread out beautifully, resulting in a beautiful composition, while the opposite is true for vases with narrow necks, which hold the flowers in one position.


For monochromatic bouquets

Monochromatic bouquets will refresh a space, and they work in any interior and any room. It is best to choose tall and narrow containers for them. They can be displayed collectively, create works of art, or placed in an apartment arrangement.

For tall branches

Brightly colored tall branches add a graphic feel and add a sense of spring to the interior. In addition, they can visually raise the height of the ceiling. You can choose large containers for tall branches, tall and narrow containers for single ones, and large and narrow bottlenecks for multiple ones.

This Steps large glass vase is from the brand pols potten. produced in Poland and made of pure glass.

For single bunches

It is difficult to create a combination of flowers in a container with a narrow neck. That's why a vase like this is suitable for single bouquets, i.e., the same flower, i.e., one color. But remember: the wider the neck of the vase, the more the flowers need to fill it.

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