Warm pink and yellow, the first time to see the autumn sun, a storm a dream


Warm pink and yellow, the first time to see the autumn sun, a storm a dream

Pink yellow, as a very low-profile existence in the yellow system, is close to the texture of earth tones, light and quiet color like pollen waved on the lake, but also full of sunshine, bringing people a beautiful but not dazzling feeling. In the deeper and deeper autumn, its color is like a pastry fermenting quietly in the oven, the fragrant taste and slightly sweet promise leave enough space for imagination to flood.

1 Elegant time

The warm but not eye-catching shade of pink-yellow is perfect for the bedroom. The bitter chocolate four-poster bed and blue-green printed curtains create an elegant country gentleman style on this base color. On the other side of the room, the lounge and meeting area against the wall uses simple solid-colored furniture on a light peacock-blue fringe rug to create a serene and warm feeling, and three decorative paintings enhance the mood of the room.

2 Desert by the Sea

This high-ceilinged living room has a simple and comfortable feel with clear lines and colors. The light turquoise and fuchsia sofa contrasts with the pink and yellow background, and a black painting on the fireplace brings an artistic touch to the space.

3 early autumn poetry classics

Pink-yellow flower and bird wallpaper create a warm and elegant feeling in this entrance space, dotted with gray-green branches and pink flowers, as if a garden in early autumn, a fresh and soft scene. The white classical column breaks the monopoly of wallpaper and also brings a sense of three-dimensionality to the space. The single chair in crystal rose and the single item in blue is one hot and one cold, like the sea breeze blowing the flowers, revitalizing the quiet atmosphere.

4 Spring breeze and warmth

When you are in this bright and warm dining room, it is as if a warm spring breeze is blowing in your face. The pink and yellow decorative panel is bright and gentle, with the atmosphere of spring rustic. The pink-yellow color matches the bright white and cotton candy color, which is natural and harmonious and has layers. The tricolor carpet with a hexagonal pattern is lively and lovely, reminding people of beehives. The gray-blue locker as a rare cool color in the space is complemented by the pink-yellow color separation, with obvious contrast, mild and refreshing.

5 Spring beach 

This living room has a refreshing color scheme, and the light gray-green wall has a melting spring feeling, just like the wind in early spring. The window curtains are chosen in the same color, swinging gently with the wind, showing more light and airy. The sofa fabric chose a softer lily white, quiet and elegant. With soft blue and pink-yellow cushion decoration, more lovely. The three-color thick striped carpet not only makes the space more colorful, but also clearly divides the meeting area, and the color of the decorative painting on the wall above the sofa harmoniously echoes.

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