Warm Cuban sand color, an encounter with soft texture, the most perfect and beautiful comfortable experience


Warm Cuban sand color, an encounter with soft texture, the most perfect and beautiful comfortable experience

Find a quiet, send a warm, taste a real, have a free, this is from the earth color Cuban sand color gives us the most realistic experience. Cuban sand color has a warm reddish hue, it is sandy soil under the sun, warm and delicate intertwined, structured with elegance and soft texture. With Cuban sand color decorated with perfect beauty and warm and mellow home space, there is nothing more than paradise.

  1. Use of environmental colors

The space adopts the earthy Cuban sand color as the background color of the wall, and the furniture and flooring adopt the heavy tortoiseshell color, which is calm and noble. The carpet used dark brown jute carpet and evening color floral carpet. The space of the pass, the ceiling, etc. uses white, and the background color to form a contrast. And the greenery everywhere brings a natural atmosphere to the space.

  1. Background woodwork

The wall woodwork in the study is in natural Cuban sand color, the light fragrance of wood is hidden in the study, and the inlaid bookshelves blend perfectly with the woodwork. It is recommended that you organize your books by color, regardless of size or theme, and use only color to sort books and create color interest. The sand-colored carpet with a sand-colored single sofa is simple and warm. The lounge collapse in the study is decorated with a flower bud red cushion with a cushion bag of the same color. The space is embellished with a pair of Pompeii red small tables in antique colors, paired with a solid black classical lacquer small cabinet, adding a touch of bright Chinese style to the modern home.

  1. Fabric bedding

In-home design, strive for simplicity, simplify, and use decorative materials and light to create a home effect full of strong Zen ancient charm. In the decoration of the Zen space, authentic natural materials are used, such as logs, rattan, bamboo, and other warm materials, creating a sense of simple space. Here the almond-colored ceiling and curtains are designed to match the maroon back wall, while the wall is decorated with phantom black wall art, with a strong sense of spatial hierarchy. At the same time, the light is fully utilized to bring a soft and warm visual feeling under the backdrop of the glacier gray sofa and Cuban sand bedding.

  1. Wooden flooring use

The best way to match a modern living room is in alliance with modern abstract art. The bright white backdrop creates a stark color contrast with the L-shaped coral red sofa, the Cuban sand floor has the invisible texture of moonlight, and the art-filled furniture and décor, while modest, complete the space just right for what is ultimately a minimalist and comfortable home.

  1. Screen accents

The golden glow of the printed cushion bag and the curtains make the gray-blue living room dazzling in a flash. The interplay of warm and cold colors is like a dance of ice and fire, and the interlocking breaths perform a fashion show for us. Simple pattern furnishing, with the black, white, and blue classic color halo, the modern fashion atmosphere will be paved and released. Cuban sand-colored screen brings in a touch of elegant beauty, and with the exquisite wall paintings full of art, the whole space can be said to have face value and temperament.

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