The gorgeous color scheme in black, white, and gray, unique charm is outstanding, creating a simple sense of seniority



The unique texture of black, white, and gray is enchanting as if the concentration of ink and landscape in nature, the sharp contrast and natural visual transition, and the gradation of layers render a noble and elegant visual effect. They are the darlings of the fashion world and the absolute protagonists in home design. As a classic match of a low-key and light luxury model, the black and white gray space interior design presents rational emotions in simplicity, shining in the interplay of light and dark natural light and shadow, as if a spreading scroll, the beauty of the color is unparalleled, to meet your desire for a sense of high class.

  1. Artistic style

The basic color scheme of black, white, and gray, bright white background color, with painted bird brown wood flooring, topped with silver carpet and dark gray sofa. The kitchen cabinets are also silver. While pure black appears more often on the furniture and doors as a striking accent, the small amount of almond color that appears provides a warm feeling to the space.

  1. Warm Texture

This apartment has rare double-arched windows, and the warm honey color of the oak window frames defines the color scheme and atmosphere of the interior. The TV wall and back wall are warm and textured with a combination of paint + wood grain. Irregular geometric shelves add an artistic touch. The glacier gray walls and bright white ceiling ensure the space looks bright. The corner sofa fabric in the middle of the living room is also glacier gray, echoing the wall color. The color scheme of the cushions in Phantom Black and Painted Bird Brown is the same as the color scheme of the back wall, reinforcing the cohesiveness of the space. On the wall, the colors of artist Konstantin Fedorov's paintings perfectly echo the color scheme of the space.

  1. Eye-catching accent colors

In the living room, the Tibetan red leather sofa is very eye-catching and adds a colorful touch to this gray space. The black matte wooden storage cabinet is used as the TV wall, increasing the storage space in the living room. The black and white round coffee table has a minimalist shape and is rich in design aesthetics. In open kitchen design, pumpkin-colored ceramic tiles fill the gap between the cabinets and countertops, echoing the TV wall. The bright colors with minimal lines show a different sense of beauty.

  1. With metallic colors

This space is characterized by its angular layout. A central support column - a relic of the old apartment - is re-emphasized by the shiny brass finish. The column successfully divides the room into a living and dining area, while the white walls, gray concrete floors, and ebony wall panels visually unify the space. The polished steel doors and kitchen façade reflect light from the windows, illuminating the farthest corners of the apartment. Their smooth surfaces look great against the matte wood background. The architect diluted the basic graphic palette with minimalist color blocks: the creamy pink paintings on the walls behind the shelves echo the colors of the carpet. A Honeywood table, butterfly armchair, and sofa upholstered in cognac leather add warmth to the space.

  1. Light luxury glamour

When Phantom Black is used in a large area in the space, it brings a cool and fashionable taste. Complemented by the white home to add depth and three-dimensional sense, solemn and elegant in the flow of rational texture. And when the contrast of black and white will cohesion the eye, may use a little gold accent to add some gorgeous and extravagant beauty.

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