Sweet princess room, soft tones, interweave dreamy fairy tale of time


Sweet princess room, soft tones, interweave dreamy fairy tale of time

They are angels, they are elves, and they are the babies that are guarded in the heart. We prefer them to be children who never grow up and are protected under their wings. So we do our best to create everything for them, hoping to see them happy every day, so the princess room, which carries all the expectations of parents, becomes a beautiful way for parents to express their love. Thus begins the road of raising a queen.

  1. Dream time

This is a princess room that is both exquisite and elegant as well as fresh and sweet. The walls of the room are painted in soft girly creamy pink, and the back wall of the bed is decorated with beautiful watercolor wallpaper of flowers and birds. White furniture with classical beauty makes the room instantly more princess nobility. The light turquoise curtains in the room divide the lounge area from the dressing room, and the fabric headboard in the same color with Chesterfield features is full of classical charm. Cushions of various shapes and colors bring comfort and richness to the layers.

  1. Immerse in flowers and birds

Prints are a regular feature in princess room design, and such graphics and patterns combined with a soothing color palette and a few bright touches can provide a refreshing sensory experience. French chinoiserie wallpapers and hand-painted walls continue to have endless charm, bringing a more intuitive and rich association of color with the seasons to the princess room. The light and poetic color scheme highlight innocence, which is an expression of true love that breaks through the constructs of age.

  1. Soft and sensual

The soft pink and green color combination shows the gentleness of spring. The crystal rose-colored wall and gray rose-colored curtains are light and lustrous, soft and charming. Thomas Grant's custom chandelier and birds wallpaper create a vibrant yet classic ambiance.

  1. Sunshine Box

Although pink is used extensively in this case, it does not make people feel sweet. Pink gives full play to its talent as a neutral color, in this case, giving a soft and serene feeling. The moonlight-colored line pattern wallpaper meets the champagne pink cabinets, siding, and floor, blurring the boundaries of the space and making it look bigger. The dark pink fabric sofa has a strong presence in the space with a white wool rug, a honey-colored metallic coffee table, and side table, and a pair of wicker seats from the conversation area. The honey-colored plant-shaped ornaments are delicate and unique.

  1. Vintage accent

What is the most popular light luxury style for women? The answer is revealed. The light luxury style is a modern urban style that emphasizes metallic texture, with ethereal and transparent color matching and golden shining material rendering that will bring people into a fairy-tale world. In this case, the powder blue creates a beautiful and elegant atmosphere, and the gold ceiling reflects the interior light to enhance the impression of the portrayal, which not only enhances the overall home style but also facilitates the multiple arrangements of metal reflective materials to achieve the role of different light interweaving and interspersed, dreamy.

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