Red high cold space, magical contrast to create a summer cool


Red high cold space, magical contrast to create a summer cool

Red has always symbolized festivity, signifying abundance and good fortune, and its splendor and versatility are associated with a sexy, chic, and quirky temperament. In interior design, red can also create a cool feeling of space, which is the opposite of what we usually feel. A space with a cold feeling of red brings a feeling of elegance and a rhythm of concise fashion, of which the color scheme is worthy of your collection.

  1. Fashionable high cold

The frosty gray living room is full of bright tones and textures, and the scorching orange-red shelf lights up the space like a torch in the evening. Next to it, a deep sea green velvet sofa is full of noble and mysterious textures, contrasting with the orange-red shelves. The sand-colored single chair is made of high-grade fabric, and the classic bird check pattern makes it more elegant. The small pieces of furniture and decorations in Phantom Black and the clear acrylic glass chairs inject a lot of modern glamour into the room. Contrasting colors, a combination of classic and experimental, straight lines and whimsical shapes - this Moscow apartment balances the edges of the sensible and the fantastic.

  1. Eye-catching accents

In the living room, the Tibetan red leather sofa is very eye-catching and adds a strong touch to this gray space. The black matte wooden storage cabinet is used as a TV wall, increasing the storage space in the living room. The black and white round coffee table has a minimalist shape and is rich in design aesthetics. In open kitchen design, pumpkin-colored ceramic tiles fill the gap between the cabinets and countertops, echoing the TV wall. The bright colors with minimal lines show a different sense of beauty.

  1. Elegant temperament

The gentleman's style can be elegant and noble, but it can also be mixed with vitality and playfulness. The deep steel gray reflects the rigidity of men, but once fused with lovely plants into wallpaper, you see a gentleman's space full of romance. The bedroom wallpaper is elegant with a fan-shaped tree pattern from the well-known brand Cole and Son. The aurora red curtains, on the other hand, reflect enthusiasm, and the pumpkin-colored patterned wrap fabric enlivens the space.

  1. Stylish dark tones

The bronze walls are decorated with plaster lines to show a thick and elegant beauty. The curtains and headboard are chosen in a slightly warm elephant gray with silver bedding to form a natural and harmonious transition of layers. Fire red cushion bag, bed hitch, single chair, and dried flowers, light up and warm up the room, in a heavy gray is so beautiful, so seductive. The scattered white pieces alleviate the depression brought by the large area of dark gray. The decorative fireplace design effectively expands the space and adds brightness to the room.

  1. Elegance

The furniture in this house has a totally playful look, illuminated by soft lighting that starts in the living room and extends through the dining room, all the way to the boudoir, and finally the bedroom. The Chinese red background displays a strong emotional character, while the furniture uses soft wood tones, the white columns have an ancient Greek elegance, and the overall simplicity leans toward Scandinavian design, yet the interesting lines and embroidery, and artwork still highlight the contemporary vibe.

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