Home interior color scheme, build an elegant and unparalleled, enjoy a leisurely time when a different mood


Home interior color scheme, build an elegant and unparalleled, enjoy a leisurely time when a different mood

Color plays an important role in the interior and this should not be forgotten when starting to repaint your walls. Different shades evoke different emotions and feelings: some energize us, others act as antidepressant colors, and others are full of strong stimuli and are also conducive to relaxation and calmness. With the help of colors, you can create a completely different atmosphere in your home, and our tips will help you do so in terms of style and aesthetics.

Choose the right color palette

Choose shades wisely, not based on fashion trends. Not all fashionable hues will suit your interior and lighting. Remember, your goal is a harmonious space where everything blends together.

Tip: Blue-green and yellow are a fantastic combination, with each color complementing the other. Especially when combined with natural woods and live plants!

(The combination of cool blue-green and honey-yellow, vintage and modern, gives this interior a spectacular vibrancy.)


From love to hate are a step and vice versa! The backdrop is back - but this time in its classic form: instead of "pulling the tapestry to the wall", it creates a harmonious whole with the whole environment.

Tip: Keep the white cornice by the ceiling, it will beautifully highlight the transition from colored to white, while visually increasing the height of the ceiling.

(The light salmon color is perfect for bedroom backdrops.)

Paint the walls a different color

Always imagine the whole picture. There is no need to paint all rooms in the house the same color. If the rooms are next to each other and you can clearly see another room from one, you can paint them in close shades or paint them in colors that work well together.

(House by Stockholm stylist Sophia Wood. The gray-blue color of the living room complements the light gray walls of the adjoining dining room.)

Fresh colors

One of the most popular colors of the last few seasons is a rich lingonberry pink. It is suitable for small rooms or dressing rooms: the interior will gain depth and charm. It can add some chic to your space without sacrificing tranquility.

The same color

It's not just walls that are popular nowadays, but everything else - sockets, stucco molding, shelves, and even ceilings all in one color. The space is even and complete. This solution is especially suitable for small spaces (hallways or dressing rooms).

Tip: In a small hallway, you can hang shelves above the doors and paint them the color of the walls.

(The rusty red color of the walls and ceiling complement the harmony of the natural wood on the floor.)

(Cabinets, doors, and even IKEA shoe racks in the hallway, all painted the same color.)

Choosing harmonious colors

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so there should be nothing here to annoy you. Instead, the color scheme should give you rest, relaxation, and peace. Choose a color that brings harmony and peace. The best for this situation is gray or cool green, which can both relieve stress and have a beneficial effect on the psyche.

Choose the decor

Let the color chosen for the walls echo the details of the interior. Carefully consider the trim and accessories so that they have the same color scheme or a color that blends perfectly with the background. This will give the room personality and "warmth".

Tip: complement vibrant colors with natural materials. Natural wood, bamboo, wickerwork, or beautiful branches in a vase will add warmth and comfort to the room.

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