High-grade gray + red, deep-water ghost flowers, silk dipped bright style


High-grade gray + red, deep-water ghost flowers, silk dipped bright style

The delicate flowers dipped into the cold water, floating and sinking, staining the water with a fragrant aroma. The combination of high-grade gray and red is the same, the strong red coloring the low-key gray with a bright breath, giving the calm gray infinite passion.

  1. The thorn in the side of ordinary life

The frosty gray living room is full of bright tones and textures, and the sizzling orange shelves light up the space like a torch in the evening. The deep sea green velvet sofa next to it is full of noble and mysterious textures, contrasting with the orange shelves. The sand-colored single chair is made of high-grade fabric, and the classic bird check pattern makes it more elegant. The small pieces of furniture and decorations in Phantom Black and the clear acrylic glass chairs inject a lot of modern glamour into the room. Contrasting colors, a combination of classic and experimental, straight lines and whimsical shapes - this Moscow apartment balances the edges of the sensible and the fantastic.

  1. Low Luxury Seduction

The overall black and white are dominant, and the large area of application shapes the quiet and low-key, high-end luxury atmosphere texture, and the matching method of the phantom black background and white sofa group also makes the whole space's visual sense of progress and retreat, calm and elegant. The large application of modern materials such as glass and iron cures the texture of the whole space, while the filling of the wall painting decorated with aurora borealis red color halo is like a stone into the water, which does not affect the overall sense of style, but the ripples cannot be ignored and brings in a dynamic and energetic mood for the whole living room.

  1. Queen's chessboard

The bright white walls and stormy gray cabinets seem to bring the rainy days indoors. The chic floor tiles bring a touch of playfulness. The orange single chair in this kitchen is a sight to behold, like a dancing queen, and everyone can only look and marvel at her beauty at the moment.

  1. Voluptuous and elegant

No matter how times change and trends shift, the spiritual core of home never changes, it is always the residence of everyone's body and mind. In this case, the space wall is chosen to use elegant smoky gray, while the sofa is chosen to be full of seductive Marsala wine red, the color contrast between the two, creating a richly layered artistic atmosphere. Bright white is used as a transitional blend, and the single seat in Phantom Black is complemented by the wall paintings.

  1. Silence

This hallway was designed as a small library with custom-made cabinets by the designer. The overall style is retro and nostalgic, making it seem like a return to the Stalinist era. But there is no shortage of this year's fashion elements, and the soft and comfortable wool chairs stand out in the overall darker colors of the space. Reading here must be a comfortable pleasure.

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