Fifty Shades of Brown, is the perfect shade choice from rustic to luxurious


Fifty Shades of Brown, is the perfect shade choice from rustic to luxurious

Fifty Shades of Brown may be completely different from the associations it evokes, and it is arguably a better design solution. If you are considering a new approach to color decoration, then this hue is suitable for almost any design style and every taste. From a variety of rustic shades to all the luxurious wood tones, Fifty Shades of Brown is a premium color choice that is perfect for enhancing the style of a room.

  1. Walnut + Gray

Designer Martha Mulholland used walnut tones and gray hues to create a warm and inviting bedroom retreat. The upholstered headboard is the same width as the wall, bringing warmth and dimension to the space, while two old-fashioned Brazilian rope chairs add a touch of texture.

  1. Oak Brown + Taupe

The warm wood tones of oak brown are paired with light linen in taupe and paired with a blanket from Hermès to create a soft but refreshing classic color story.

  1. Same Tone

Designer David Kaihoi hand-painted and installed this magical wallpaper in the foyer of his home in Manhattan, complete with a matching floor design. The use of brown tones subtly lends a kaleidoscopic sense of stylish comfort.

  1. khaki + salmon pink

The designers used Farrow & Ball's Salmon Dust on the cabinets to create a striking little kitchen and used glazed, mottled khaki tiles as a backsplash. The sink skirt features a grid pattern that combines brown tones with kitchen hardware and vintage dinnerware.

  1. mocha + yellow-green

Decorator Paolo Castellarin used a light brown mocha color for his Milan bedroom walls and a subtle yellow-green accent color for the windows and doors, creating a visual feast of style.

  1. golden brown + sage green

Designer Gabriel Hendifar's custom brass bed is wrapped in Zak+Fox linen, creating a fabulous golden brown color that is complemented by sage-green velvet curtains.

  1. Cocoa + Crimson

This is a versatile studio space outfitted with rich cocoa colors, featuring crimson curtains paired with a custom fabric-patterned sofa bed.

8. Mahogany + Alpine Green

Interior designer Hugo Toro created this striking bathroom with alpine green Alpine marble, which surrounds the tub and sink. While dark wood tones can feel dated, here they are carefully combined to perfectly complement the tub as well as the red paired with the white marble floor.

  1. Honey + Charcoal Black

The honey-colored cabinets in this open kitchen and dining room pop thanks to black accessories and shelves and concrete countertops.

10 Parchment + Olive

Designer Heidi Caillier had the flooring and furniture in this master bedroom in dark wood tones, mixing soft olive, parchment, and terracotta patterns and using Robert Kime's cornflower blue fabric on the sofa wrap.

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