Fashion Chinese red, the national color, interpretation of the emotion of sex


Fashion Chinese red, the national color, interpretation of the emotion of sex

It's a rainy time of year, and summer seems to have lost its luster. Looking up is a gray sky, looking down is a wetland, listening to the rain at home on weekends, and the blanket is flooded with dampness. This time, maybe you need to give life a little color that can lift the mood, such as Chinese red, a color that itself also carries some light shades, like a lady dancing in the moonlight at midnight, strong and introspective.

  1. Retro Glamour

This bright, high-key style of decorating was popular in the United States in the 1960s. This glamorous color that shows sensuality, like the seductive red lips of a blonde, will remind people of Marilyn Monroe. The large red has a greasy and dense feeling, exuding the wonderful fun of the fairy tale world. Some lines and graphics deepen this impression and make you want to explore.

  1. Love story

The furniture in this house has a totally playful look, illuminated by soft lighting, starting from the living room, extending through the dining room, all the way to the boudoir, and finally the bedroom. The Chinese red background displays a strong emotional character, while the furniture uses soft wood tones, the white columns have an ancient Greek elegance feel, and the overall simplicity leans towards Scandinavian design, yet the interesting lines and embroidery and artwork still highlight the contemporary vibe.

  1. Modern Simplicity

This is a home that focuses on minimalist style. With lily-white walls, bright white cabinets and round tables, Phantom Black countertops and metal shelves, and fresh greenery, it is simple but not vibrant, like a glass of plain water decorated with mint leaves. The Chinese red decorative tiles injected energy and passion into the home, and the water was transformed into a non-alcoholic, fruity mojito. The hot and strong colors not only do not detract from the simplicity of the room but also make it feel more fresh and simple through contrast.

  1. Red charm

The original wood décor creates an antique atmosphere. The beige woven carpet runs through the space, adding to the sense of natural simplicity. Chinese red textured wallpaper is used to create a bright and dignified background wall, and the rich red color stands out in the plain space, firmly attracting people's attention. Black picture frames and cushions decorate it, showing it more calm and dignified. Traditional Chinese furniture and modern sofas are cleverly combined with various colors of traditional Chinese interior furnishings, constituting a typical new Chinese home.

  1. Blossom Love

When the noble and mature navy blue and passionate fashionable Chinese red hand in hand, the whole space has more sense of existence at the same time will also show the flirtatious and seductive atmosphere. With smoky gray as the background and black and white as the transition, the blue and red are equally divided in a simple and sharp way to show the modern and trendy of the modern city.

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