Elegant antique gold, romance, and luxury coexist, the light luxury color in the modern city


Elegant antique gold, romance, and luxury coexist, the light luxury color in the modern city

Ancient gold, with the warmth and brightness of yellow and the luxury and nobility of gold, its dazzling splendor is often connected with the sculpture art and grand architecture of the classical period, which makes people marvel and linger. In nature, it is not difficult to find that it also colors many flowers and fruits, decorating the garden into a golden dance floor.

  1. Modern Simplicity

The same color scheme is used in the living room and dining room, with oak yellow flooring against a bright white background. An antique gold patterned carpet is laid on the floor in the living room, which is topped with an antique gold velvet single chair and a partridge-colored multi-person sofa. Black is the theme-breaking accent in the space, whether it's the creative wall paintings or small pieces of individual pieces that make a lasting impression.

  1. Art Space

This living room is constructed with a vivid and bold combination of colors to create a gorgeous world like a movie set. The deep blue color makes the space feel shrunken and compact, perfect for winter. The warm, ornate antique gold rug lifts the entire space like a mythical glow, the tri-color patchwork curtains, and two green sculptural artworks set off a chaise longue, and the whole house feels both stylish and eclectic.

  1. Leisure time

This living room features a bold color palette, signature furniture, and a VELUX solar skylight to create a relaxing but striking space. Antique gold walls, complemented by a soft, earthy-toned sofa, set the tone for the bold style. The brick fireplace is painted a crisp white, contrasting with the warm tones that surround the space. A floral and botanical painting by artist Colleen O'Connor hangs above a built-in sitting area on the fireplace wall. The soft pink color enhances the ambiance of the space, while the green foliage depicted in the painting complements the warm tones of the living room. Above the seating area, an oversized Capiz Shell pendant - made of beaded shell panes cut from individual natural shells - cascades down from the living room ceiling in a slender metal grid pattern. The rug is a nod to the '80s style theme, made of a durable wool-cotton blend with a multi-colored rectangular pattern and stripes. The thick texture and vibrant colors add dimension and vintage flair to the room.

  1. Colorful

The grand antique gold symbolizes spirituality, the bright peacock blue overflows with a sense of elegance and rhythm, while the antique orange-red renders a rich oriental impression in the eyes of the world. These are both colorful and lively colors that jump around and can interpret the vividness and uniqueness of emotions in the noise.

  1. Late Autumn Time

The kitchen is decorated with shark gray wall tiles as a backdrop and orange floor tiles in a scapular pattern, with an impressive geometric pattern. The antique gold color used for the cabinet surfaces brightens the space and gives it a luxurious look, and is outlined in black lines for a sleek, modern feel. Fiery red tableware and lamps are the brightest accents in the space.

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