Cool industrial style, interpretation of the simple casual, transparent world, and uncovered beauty


Cool industrial style, interpretation of the simple casual, transparent world, and uncovered beauty

One day you may find that the cold steel turns out to be warm, the gray cement contains endless colors, and what you see through the glass is the free sky and the traces of birds. The industrial style, the most familiar stranger, will only find its beauty in the commonplace when you take a closer look. It shows you its most real self, and you will read the nature as well as the beauty from this honesty. No pretentiousness, frankness, or perhaps industrial style is some enlightenment to urban people.

  1. Waiting for the sunrise

This is a small Scandinavian-style apartment. The plastered walls come with a chic and delicate texture that has a primitive beauty. The white matte wood flooring is laid out to add light to the space. On the steamy gray fabric hair, Tibetan red and bronze cushions are evenly matched. The Tibetan red velvet single sofa directly opposite reveals a solemn and seductive atmosphere.

  1. Cold City

In this modern apartment, the elements of industrial style are reflected in the design of the kitchen and bathroom. The heavy colors, with the visual feeling of concrete, make you feel like you are back in the industrial era. The choice of furnishings, of course, reflects the fashionable character. Most of the items are from Delo Design in St. Petersburg. They were chosen in a way that reflects bright items with a clear sense of lines.

  1. Green miracle

The combination of fresh mint green and rugged industrial can be paired with a different kind of sophistication. This former shoe factory is now a truly bespoke retreat, with cross-sawn oak used for all the custom cabinetry and wall panels, traditional lime plaster plastering the walls in light mint green with its mottled texture and vintage vibe, and handmade traditional Moroccan terra cotta tiles laid in herringbone and basket pattern flooring to mimic carpeting. Each room is bathed in sunlight, as there are large windows on all sides. The rooms are all covered in color, although it is mixed in an original rustic palette of blues and greens mixed with soft taupe that is 100% consistent throughout the home, creating a sense of harmony and complete unity.

  1. Wizard of Mystery

The living room and kitchen both use dark green as the background color. Usually, the dining room is decorated with dark green, which will look cool, spacious, and clean, and also with honey-colored cabinets to bring light and luxurious temperament and greatly improve the visual feeling of the kitchen. And the living room uses dark green with yellow daffodil flooring for a balance of cool and warm, embellished with a Pompeii red sofa and Phantom black furniture, making the space stylish and artistic.

  1. Metropolis

The white walls, smoky gray curtains, and taupe pillars make the whole space distinctive. The partially exposed wall tiles bring a bit of hard industrial style to the elegant space. The velvet sofa set in Roganberry reveals a noble atmosphere, and the warm velvet cushion bags bring comfort and vitality to the space, especially the bright fire-red cushion bags, which are full of passion for life.

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