Charming bluebird color, light and agile, to create a distinctive elegance


Charming bluebird color, light and agile, to create a distinctive elegance

Bluebird color as the name suggests is a blue color inspired by birds to get. The bright feathers and the graceful posture of free soaring give the bluebird color a free and rosy yet elegant and light temperament, like a delicate artwork, which is loved.

01/ Jeweled

This is a typical mix-and-match living room, the elegant and restrained glacier gray walls set the stage for a wide range of furniture and decorations. The noble and vivid yet elegant bluebird color and the elegant and noble imperial purple with velvet material are a perfect match, noble and dazzling. The furniture and artworks of various periods and styles are skillfully mixed together to form a unique and distinctive space.

02/ Blue Hawaii

In the design of the study, the choice of blue for the background will have the psychological effect of stabilizing and focusing the mind. That's why this color scheme uses a refreshing bluebird color for the wall woodwork. When the bluebird color is paired with a lighter peacock blue sofa and cushion, the space will look cooler. To give the space a warm tone, add a honey-colored desk and an orange-ochre single chair to the furniture selection. If you add touches of Phantom Black, the space will have a distinctly urban feel.

03/ Surfer boy by the sea

This is a blue boy's bedroom. A teenage boy is fresh and energetic, and the crisp, layered blue bedroom fits it perfectly. A lot of wooden furniture is used in the room, using the natural grain of the wood as decoration. The cloisonné though appears only as an accent color, few and far between.

04/ The Song of Madrid

In the company of many bright colors, antique gold can still exert its unique charm and become the focal point of the space. Blue, gray, pink, and antique gold compose the color code of this room, where antique furniture and modern atmosphere intermingle, leaving little white space and all areas are filled with different styles and elements. A peach-colored sofa corresponds to a large window decorated with blue Roman shades, and two bluebird-colored velvet sofas are each dressed by a black lacquered bookcase with glass doors and an abstract painting in a yellow frame, where every detail counts to create a super warm atmosphere.

05/ Warm fabric

In this case, the interior furniture is rustic at all times. The living room is furnished with a baby blue sofa, the soft and natural tone of which sets the foundation for the whole environment, with a single seat in crystal rose, bringing a dreamy feeling. The bright juniper green printed fabric sofa brings playfulness and vitality to the space. A bluebird-colored curtain echoes the Althea cotton cushion bag on the sofa, making the vision more soft and peaceful.

The designer chose baby blue China Seas Bali ikat wallpaper and curtains for the master bedroom and enlivened the space with larger areas of blue and green. A William Laman bench was placed in the corner to make the client feel like they were on a tropical vacation.

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