Celebrity home in 2022, luxury and personality coexist, unexpectedly wonderful


Celebrity home in 2022, luxury and personality coexist, unexpectedly wonderful

The houses of celebrities are not as extravagant and luxurious as people think. On the contrary, after seeing the homes of these celebrities, you will find that everyone is designing their residential spaces according to their preferences, and some of the designs are opposite to the temperament of the stars. But we are not here to gossip about the stars but are looking for our inspiration through the design of their homes.

Gwyneth Paltrow

"The power of the house is in the subtleties of the light and space," says Paltrow. "We spent a lot of time evaluating family patterns, our real lifestyles, what made us feel most comfortable. We focused on the experience and the emotion."

In the mansion Gwyneth Paltrow shares with her husband, producer Brad Falchuk, everything is designed with wellness in mind. The lavish architectural details and very personal design bring a wealth of inspiration.

Gwyneth Paltrow describes the design of the house as "a Parisian apartment in an old European barn, with high ceilings and lots of light, a place that feels spacious but at the same time manageable." Inspired by the humble forms and rugged elegance of old-world barns, the designer skillfully bridges the gap between classic and modern.

A house should reflect the personality and spirit of its owner, and this house was inspired by Gwyneth's height, beauty, and interest in cleanliness. It shows in the tall construction, understated proportions, radiant corners, and slim, stylized silhouettes.

Maria Escott

"It's like my own bunker where you sleep soundly," Escott explains. Her bedroom has black walls and pink trim.

For María Escoté, designer María Escoté designed a house in Madrid that reflects her flirtatious and colorful world, a mix of seriousness and liveliness.

María Escoté sits in a dress under two paintings by her father, Ferrán Escoté, from which she chose the color scheme for the room. cushions and a custom wool rug.

In the living room, the fireplace backdrop is covered in yellow quilted velvet. Landskrona chaise lounge with silk cushions by Ikea, oil painting by Tailak and Ferrán Escoté.

Kim Kardashian

This space looks like a monastery, a family home designed by Axel Vervoordt. Spiritual, poetic, and white.

Kim Kardashian's spectacular minimalist mansion in Los Angeles looks as if it were a monastery. It's the complete opposite of her vibe.

Surrounding the Vervoordt-designed limestone table are the fireplace, the sofa, and Jean Royère's Grand Oeuf armchair.

Cristiano Ronaldo

White is one of the main colors of the special style of Georgina and Cristiano's house in Madrid.

The house where Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo live embodies luxury and grandeur in every detail. White is one of the main colors of the house's special style. From the carpet to the armchairs to the sofas and cushions, white reigns supreme in all the rooms.

Marble and gold details

In the house, marble floors and gold details fill all the rooms.

The garage of dreams

In the lives of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez, everything is celebrated wonderfully. For example, the car collection. Among car lovers, this is very famous. Among them, one can find the Ferrari Monza SP2, Ferrari 12tdf, Bugatti Centodieci, Mercedes-AMG G63, Bugatti Veyron, McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche 911 Turbo S or Audi R8 V10 Spyder.

Hobby Room

A room in the home of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez is dedicated to the footballer's trophies and the sneakers that have brought him the most luck. In that space, there is also a billiard table.

The ideal garden for playing with the kids

Ronaldo's home boasts an impressive garden, a swimming pool, and a field for playing soccer with the youngest family members.

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