Beautiful freesia yellow, flowing light, taste the nobility and warmth of the pride era


Beautiful freesia yellow, flowing light, taste the nobility and warmth of the pride era

Freesia Yellow, taken from the yellow one of freesia flowers, the rich color is accompanied by a fresh and introverted flower fragrance, blooming in the room with vitality. It is mellow but not cloying, elegant, and fresh. Freesia yellow in the home, bright and elegant, such as the breeze gently caressing the wheat field, floating to the four directions of the wilderness.

  1. Autumn fruits


With bright yellow walls and blue-green artwork, this nautical-themed room has summer colors and seaside elements blended to create a modern room. The warm, vibrant background color complements the neutral sofa palette. In the corner, a coral-inspired console continues the theme of sea life, and in the opposite corner, a richly textured rattan writing desk overlooks the garden, providing a meditative place rich in romance and natural flavor. white linen curtains cool the room while keeping it bright, and a yellow-green patterned rug is like a piece of sea bed fished from the bottom of the sea, bringing people the feeling of walking on the bottom of the sea.


  1. Field of flowers by the sea


This dining room resembles a sunny garden, with its turquoise wallpaper and freesia-yellow curtains creating a bold contrast that is both fresh and warm. The fruit and flowers on the wallpaper give off a vibrant fragrance, while the brown rug and dining chairs add an earthy touch. The mirror above the console and the backs of the dining chairs mimic coastal elements, bringing a casual feel to the space, and the flower arrangements in the porcelain vase complement the flowering trees on the wallpaper. A golden candle-shaped chandelier completes the traditional and elegant look.


  1. Modern Art


This living room might remind you of a quirky romantic comedy from the 1930s. With the idea of mid-century practical style, colors dance like butterflies. The contrast between the clear pool-colored convex windows and the bright white walls is bright with a hint of melancholy. The rainbow rug, freesia-yellow sofa, and brightly colored wall paintings give the space a dramatic feel, and the space-inspired sculptures and decorations bring back memories of its last century's exploration of outer space.


  1. Personalized flowers


The double gray overlay of silver-white background and rock gray leather sofa makes the tone of the space more elegant and introverted, low-key and calm. The lily white woven carpet makes the space softer. The small celandine yellow curtains with Chinese-style patterns bring brightness and warmth into the space, making it more attractive. A large number of artistic decorations and plants make the space more elegant and moving. The application of black and gold is less but more precise, which makes it more luxurious and tasteful.


  1. Splendid colors


Prune is a relatively low-key dark purple tone, compared with another dark purple, prune with a higher gray value, a slightly conservative hue. Create a study with prune - a large area rendering may seem dull, but you can start with soft furnishings and decorative displays with lively and vibrant contrasting colors!


The dazzling freesia yellow makes the curtains particularly eye-catching and gives some personality in the complementary contrast with the plum color. Beautiful pleats bring beautiful curves and add a bit of elegance. Yellow and green coordination, a change from the original understated, instantly show vitality and become rich.


Generally speaking, the prominent accent colors should not exceed three, but the addition of a little peacock blue in the whole color scheme is very coincidental, between the adjacent color and does not cause strong visual contrast, but rather emits the flavor of the unfinished business.

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